Big Creek Greenway Path Case Study

PROJECT: Big Creek Greenway Path-Alpharetta, GA

CONTRACTOR: Georgia Development Partners

SUBCONTRACTOR: Cantsink of Atlanta, LLC

ENGINEER: AEC Application Engineering

SITUATION: The City of Roswell wanted to connect two existing greenway paths. Due to marshland conditions, an elevated boardwalk was designed.  Helical piles were specified as the foundation support for the elevated sections of the greenway path.  The overall length of the greenway is 6.8 miles and once completed with all 5 phases, it will be over 15 miles long.

SCOPE OF WORK: Once the pathway was surveyed and the areas de-grubbed, Cantsink helical piles and anchors were installed in less than 2 weeks.  The product used was the 2 1/2” schedule 40, galvanized pipe pile with outside dimensions of 2 7/8”.  A timber bracket mounted on top of the helical piles was used to support the beams for the wood deck structure.  Anchors installed in offsetting directions for each beam were utilized to accommodate lateral loads.  Torque pressure readings were monitored to ensure that each pile and anchor met the design load requirements.

SOIL CONDITIONS: Due to the wetland conditions, soil properties for a conventional footing would not be feasible.  Thus, the design of helical piles was introduced as most effective solution.

RESULTS: The 714 piles and anchors were effectively and efficiently installed weeks ahead of the general contractors projected schedule.  Care was taken to properly align the piles for each beam to improve the efficiency for the framing contractor.  The City of Roswell expressed great satisfaction with use of Cantsink’s helical piles and the collaboration between Cantsink of Atlanta and Georgia Development partners. Following the completion of the project, the Atlanta area experienced significant flooding in the fall of 2009.  According to reports, almost half of the state’s annual rainfall of 50 inches fell in 24 hours on certain areas.  As a result, several elevated boardwalks, supported by a different helical pile, experienced damage.  The sections of boardwalk supported by Cantsink’s helical piles and anchors did not experience any damage.  This made the City of Roswell a believer in Cantsink’s product.

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