Helical Piers for Foundation Repair

foundation repair piersWhen you need a reliable source of helical piers for foundation repair projects, there’s no better source than Cantsink. We always have hundreds of thousands of feet of standard sized piles in stock, with pipe diameters between 2” and 8”, and helix plate diameters between 8” and 19”. We also have experienced engineers on staff who can create custom pilings for projects that require unique foundation solutions. Whichever of our products are right for your operations, our company has the flexibility to respond quickly to your needs. We offer same-day shipping on all our in-stock helical anchors and can manufacture custom piers usually in just 2 weeks.

Our selection and responsive service are far from the only reasons foundation repair contractors choose Cantsink helical piers. Some of the many additional benefits include:
• Strength – Our helical piles have patented corrugated helix plates which are as much as 50% stronger than those on competitors’ piers. We also use robotic welding to ensure the strongest connections possible between pile pipes and helix plates.
• Low environmental impact – Cantsink’s solar-powered, net-zero energy production facility and the 90% recycled steel we purchase for our helical anchors ensure our products are manufactured with minimal environmental impact. Our helical anchors can also be easily removed and recycled if needed, unlike concrete foundations.
• Affordability – When you purchase your helical piers from Cantsink, you’ll always get a low, manufacturer-direct price.

So when you need helical piers for foundation repair projects, contact Cantsink to find out which of our affordable and durable piles is right for your project.

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