Helical Pile Foundation Systems

A helical pile foundation system from Cantsink is a smart option for many construction projects. In just minutes, these piles can be augured into place to ensure lasting support for a variety of residential and commercial structures. Whether you’re mounting a commercial solar power array in New Mexico or repairing a home’s foundation in Georgia, our experienced team can ensure that you get the helical piles and customer support your project needs. Our engineers can customize piles to include unique mounting brackets, multiple helix plates and a variety of other features to meet your requirement. foundation systemWe can then manufacture your unique foundation system generally in just two weeks. In addition to manufacturing piles, we have been working with helical pilings since 1988 and our knowledge is a valuable asset to our customers. These decades of experience with foundation piles allows us to offer advice and training to assist you with your needs.

In addition to our superior customer service, Cantsink produces piles with unmatched strength. Some of the many features that make our helical pile foundation system one of the strongest in the industry include:

  • Cold-formed helix plates
  • Patented corrugated helix plates
  • Robotic welding of helix plates to pipes
  • Patent pending lateral supports
  • And more

To ensure that our helical piles are affordable as well as strong, we use cost-conscious manufacturing techniques. We operate a net-zero energy facility powered by solar arrays, allowing us to keep production costs lower than other companies. We also purchase 90% recycled steel to manufacture our helical piers, which helps reduce their price even more. Most importantly, when you buy your helical pile foundation system from Cantsink, you’re cutting out the middle man so you can rest assured you’re getting the lowest possible price on your project’s piling.

For more information on a helical pile system for your foundation construction or repair project contact Cantsink today.

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