Helical Anchor Systems for Foundations

Helical Anchor Systems ensure strong foundationsWhen you need dependable helical anchors for foundation construction or repairs, Cantsink has the durable products and expert support your project needs. We’ve been working with helical piles since 1988 and can provide our customers with a wealth of training and advice. We also have experienced engineers on staff, who can design customized helical piers and specialized mounting brackets for any project. Whether you’re a new solar contractor who needs training on screw pile installation or an experienced foundation contractor needing custom helical piles for tiebacks in sandy soil, we can ensure you get what you need to make your project successful.

We have helical soil anchors well suited to any projects, with features including:

  • Pile pipe diameters between 2” and 8” with helix plate between 8” and 19”
  • Patented, corrugated helix plates which are 50% stronger than plates on our competitor’s piles
  • Cold-formed helix plates for additional strength
  • Robotic welding to ensure strong and precise connections on all our helical piles

We offer our helical anchor systems at low, manufacturer-direct prices making them highly affordable. As an added benefit, some of the features that keep our prices low, such as the 90% recycled steel we buy and our solar-powered, net-zero energy facility, also make our helical piles a more environmentally friendly option than other foundation solutions.

For more information on our helical anchor systems, contact Cantsink today.

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