Helical Pile Systems Are Environmentally Friendly

When you’re looking for an environmentally friendly way to support your structure, helical pile foundations are an excellent choice.

One of the greatest advantages is the ease with which helical piles can be installed. While many foundations, such as concrete slabs, require a great deal of heavy equipment and cleared space to install, helical piles can be augered into place using smaller, more efficient equipment in tighter quarters, and with less preparation. Additionally, since the installation process provides a clear readout of the helical pile’s support, it’s easy to avoid spending more energy than necessary to produce the desired result.

The materials used in helical pile foundations also help make them a more eco-friendly option compared to concrete. Helical piles are frequently made from metals that are partially recycled, such as steel, and can be recycled again if the piles are ever removed, unlike concrete which is nearly impossible to repurpose once poured. In fact, the helical pile design makes removal as quick and easy as installation, so it takes less energy to recycle them even compared to other metal foundation products like sheet piles, driven piles and soil nails.

Cantsink realizes these advantages make helical pile foundations particularly attractive to modern green and solar contractors, and we’re proud to produce piles that maximize these benefits. Our helical piers have patented, corrugated helix plates that deliver better performance than comparably sized products from other vendors. This means you can choose smaller, more resource-efficient piles without sacrificing any support. We also purchase 90% recycled steel for our components to ensure the bare minimum of new resources go into our products. Our company has even gone above and beyond to make our helical pile foundations even more eco-friendly by converting our facilities to run on solar power.

To find out more about the inherent environmental benefits of helical pile foundations, or what makes Cantsink’s helical earth anchors the most eco-friendly options available, contact us today.

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