Helical Pile Solar Support Advantages

Helical pile foundations offer solar contractors and system owners a wide variety of benefits compared to traditional concrete foundation slabs when used for anchoring ground mounted arrays, including:

  • The ability to protect arrays from shifting in nearly any direction to maintain the appropriate tilt angle.
  • Helical pile foundations can reach deep soil layers which remain far more stable than those near the surface, unlike concrete foundations which are susceptible to soil erosion and compaction.
  • The deeply sunk pile pipes also provide better protection against wind shear than shallow concrete foundations.
  • As helical piles are installed, the amount of support they provide can be easily calculated, while concrete slabs can vary significantly based on the slurry’s consistency and environmental factors that can interfere with curing.
  • Knowing the precise amount of support provided by your helical pile means you’ll never waste time installing it deeper than it needs to be.
  • Installation can be completed in matters of minutes, while measuring, mixing, pouring and curing concrete may take hours or days.
  • A helical pile can simply be removed and reset in the event of a problem, but any mistakes made while installing a concrete slab may require a contractor to remove an entire foundation before starting again.

Since many helical pile foundations are made from steel or other easily recyclable metals, the fact they can be quickly removed, then reused or reformed also makes them more environmentally friendly than concrete. Solar projects are often done as part of an eco-friendly initiative, which makes helical pile foundations a perfect fit. These foundations are even less expensive than concrete in most cases, which can reduce the cost of purchasing solar arrays, benefitting both contractors and system owners.

At Cantsink, we take pride in offering a wide range of standard size helical piles, and have extensive experience in developing customized products specifically designed to provide lasting support for ground mounted solar arrays. If you’d like to learn more about the advantages of helical pile foundations for solar arrays or find out how we can design and manufacture the ideal foundation for your next project, contact us today.

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