Cantsink is Proud to Provide MAGE SOLAR with Strong Helical Pile Foundations for Ground Mounted Solar Arrays

MAGE SOLARMAGE SOLAR is widely respected as a leader in the solar power industry for their highly efficient photovoltaic solar modules and electrical systems, and when they need foundations for their ground mounted systems they trust in Cantsink helical piles. They know that our pier systems are among the strongest foundation solutions available, thanks to our patented, cold-formed helix plates that are proven to be up to 50% stronger than those on our competitors’ piles. We’re also experienced at custom helical pile manufacturing, and can produce the perfect piles to compensate for tilt angle, soil conditions and wind load on any of MAGE’s projects in just two weeks.

In fact, our helical piles can be installed far more quickly than a traditional concrete foundation, which means MAGE SOLAR can complete their projects more quickly than they otherwise could. Our professional engineers have even worked closely with MAGE’s to create customized mounting hardware that perfectly marries their racks to our piles, allowing for faster mounting that gets their customers off the grid with minimal delay.

MAGE SOLAR also recommends our screw piers to their customers as the most sustainable foundation solution for their projects. We purchase 90% recycled steel for our helical piles and manufacture them in a net-zero energy facility powered by our own 42-kW solar power system, so that our operations cause minimal environmental impact, especially when compared to concrete foundations. These green choices have also helped us keep our production costs low, which makes our helical anchors the most affordable foundation solution for MAGE SOLAR systems as well.

We’re proud to be able to help MAGE SOLAR make it easier and more affordable for customers worldwide to make the switch to solar power, and encourage others to join our companies in making the sun the cleaner power source of the future. For more information on Cantsink helical piles for solar ground mounting or our partnership with MAGE SOLAR, contact us today.

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