Helical Pilings for Foundations

Helical pilings from Cantsink can provide the support your foundation and basement repair or new construction project needs faster and more reliably than piers from other manufacturers. Our helical piles can be augured into deep soil in just minutes to ensure your structures’ stability. Helical piles also give a clear, measurable readout of their resistance during installation, pilingsmaking them a more dependable foundation than concrete. When you need helical foundation pilings perfectly suited for your projects, Cantsink is the helical pile manufacturer you can trust. In addition to having a wide selection of piles in stock, our team of professional engineers can design and produce customized helical pilings generally in just two weeks.

Whether you need a standard or custom piering, Cantsink helical pilings are among the strongest in the industry, with features including:

• Patented corrugated helix plates that are 50% stronger than those on our competitors’ piles
• Cold-formed helix plates for additional strength
• Patent pending lateral supports that increase anchoring system stability
• Robotic welding of helix plates to piles’ pipes, ensuring strong, precise connections
• Piles available with multiple helix plates for added support
• And more

In addition to their strength, our helical pilings also offer a more eco-friendly option compared to traditional, permanent concrete foundations. The steel we purchase for our helical piles is 90% recycled, and our foundation system can be easily removed and recycled if necessary. We also use solar power in our manufacturing facility to reduce the environmental impact of our helical pilings even further. This makes them a smart choice for environmentally friendly home construction and solar power mounting where low-impact building materials are in high demand.

For more information on purchasing helical pilings for your next construction project contact Cantsink today.

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