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Foundation damage is not uncommon in the southeastern United States. It usually occurs when a home has been built on top of clay or sand that has begun to expand or collapse. Homes built on backfill lots are especially susceptible to this type of damage. When combined with heavy rains and poor drainage, these factors can destabilize your home’s structure and foundation.

How can you tell if your home may have foundation damage? There are a number of telltale signs, including:

  • Sloping or unlevel floors
  • Cracks in bricks and mortar on your home’s exterior, and above doorways and windows on the inside
  • Sinking front porch steps and/or garage door center columns
  • Doors and windows that stick or fail to open and close properly
  • Large gaps in window and door frames
  • Basement walls that bow and/or crack
  • Chimneys that lean or pull away from the home
  • An experienced Cantsink of Atlanta expert can inspect your home and property to determine whether or not foundation damage has occurred. If it has, we will then recommend the best and most cost-efficient solution for re-stabilizing your home.

    Several different methods can be used to repair foundation damage, and Cantsink of Atlanta offers a full range of structural repair solutions. In our experience, the most innovative and effective solution is usually the installation of helical piles.

    Helical piles are long steel shafts with a series of helix-shaped plates attached at specific locations up and down the shaft (see picture to right). The piles are screwed into the ground beneath your home until they reach firmer soil, while the top of the pile is attached to your home’s foundation using a sturdy bracket. Helical piles help support the weight of your home upon a firm foundation.

    While some other foundation repair contractors also use helical piles, our piles feature a unique, patented helix design that has been proven to be 50 percent stronger than those used by our competitors. And because we manufacture these helical piles ourselves locally, we have full control over manufacturing consistency and quality, and can also usually beat our competitors’ prices.

    In addition to home foundations, Cantsink of Atlanta can also build and repair retaining walls, repair decks, driveways, chimneys and so much more. We view each situation from the broad perspective of a general contractor. Along with input from our on-site staff engineer (PE), we diagnose problems more thoroughly and suggest the best possible repair solution.

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