A helical pile is a galvanized steel pipe shaft assembly with bell connectors on extension shafts and a 3/8″ steel plate pitched like a screw at its

tip. The pile is advanced into the ground by rotation and capacity is verified by means of a hydraulic pressure gauge. Installation is by drive heads mounted to skid steer loaders or hand positioned hydraulic drivers with torque arms where access is restricted. Leads have an 8″ or 14″ hex shaped helical plate and 3 bolt holes on one end to mount and drive them.

New construction plates are 8″x8″ with a pipe stub to locate them atop the pile. They spread the load to prevent the pile from punching through the concrete.


Piles are installed on 5′ to 7′ centers, and underpinning brackets are mounted to the foundation and attached to the piles to allow raising and stabilization of the structure.  Hydraulic jacking brackets are then removed and the holes backfilled, covering the installed piles and brackets.

Underpinning brackets mount under the footing and are attached to the pile to allow stabilization and/or raising of the structure.

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