Cantsink is Proud to Partner with Solar FlexRack on Ground Mounted Solar Power Systems

Solar FlexRackSolar FlexRack has revolutionized the way solar systems are mounted with innovative designs that can be installed in just minutes compared to the hours older ground mounting systems used to require. For their projects, speed and reliability are crucial, so it’s no surprise they trust in Cantsink helical piles when they need a foundation system that helps save time and effort while providing lasting support.

Our helical anchors can be installed in a matter of minutes and have a self-testing design, which provides a measureable readout of support and takes all the guess work out of foundation construction for solar installers. Cantsink’s engineers have worked directly with those at Solar FlexRack to ensure that our two products marry perfectly, meaning there’s never any need to have custom brackets machined, and you can count on the connections to hold strong.

Having worked together on several projects, including a massive 449 kilowatt system with more than 1834 photovoltaic modules for the St. Thomas Airport, you can rest assured we’re able to create helical piers that perfectly compensate for the soil conditions, tilt angle and ground load of any project where Solar FlexRack products are used. In fact, we’re so skilled at custom pile manufacturing, we can have your helical pier system designed, produced and shipped in as little as two weeks.

It’s both Solar FlexRack and Cantsink’s hope that by making solar ground mounting cheaper, faster and easier, we can help make clean solar energy the power source of the future. In fact, since Cantsink believes in leading by example we’ve installed solar arrays to power our offices and production facility, making our screw piers the most eco-friendly options on the market.

For more information on Cantsink’s helical anchors for solar ground mounting systems or about our partnership with Solar FlexRack, contact us today.

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