Helical Piles

As the solar industry has grown, so has the need for helical piles. More frequently, solar farms are being constructed on difficult-to-access sites and onsite conditions that are not ideal. Helical piles have grown from being used only for special cases to a frequently requested, more widely accepted foundation system with the adoption of the International Building Code in 2009. Helical piles provide several construction and performance advantages over conventional concrete and steel posts such as: high compression and uplift capacities; installation ease and speed; suitability for construction in limited access conditions; installation in frozen, sandy (non-cohesive) or swampy soil conditions, along with being a more cost-effective solution.

  • Further, helical pile installation is a vibration-free process. Therefore, installation of helical piles for foundations in urban areas is advantageous as noise level is reduced and vibration to nearby structures is at a minimum.
  • Many solar mounting systems are being constructed over uneven topography, which requires using a concrete ballasted system that may be disruptive to the environment. With the use of helical piles, there is no pre-site preparation necessary; no de-vegetation, soil displacement or erosion; and they are easy to install and remove.
  • Concrete is NOT used in this system, so there are no delays while waiting for concrete to cure. Just install the helicals and the rack is immediately ready to be constructed.
  • Helical piles provide greater response in shallow depths.
    There are many factors to consider when determining the appropriate foundation design in order to save you time and money. Cantsink uses the information in certified Geotechnical Reports, or performs these tests for customers to design the most economical helical pile foundation.

Need installation? Cantsink is the preferred choice because of our superior experience. Since 1988, Cantsink has proudly been an accomplished provider of high quality workmanship, and a leading structural innovator in foundation installation for solar projects.

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