Solar Support Foundations

Cantsink helical piles are excellent for solar panel foundationsSolar array support systems, like any other structure, require a strong foundation to keep them stable and functional. Though there are many options available, helical piles from Cantsink are affordable, exceedingly strong and easy to install, which makes them an ideal choice for any solar project. We have been working with helical piles since 1988 and have extensive experience performing the custom designing and fabrication that is often required when manufacturing foundations for solar support systems. Our engineers can not only design piles to compensate for soil conditions, wind and panel tilt angles, but can also create custom hardware for quickly and securely attaching our product to any solar support system. In fact, since our piles can be augured into place in just minutes and provide a measurable readout of support throughout installation, there’s no faster or more reliable way to create a solar racking system’s foundation.

All of our helical anchors include a number of features that ensure they will provide strong and lasting support for your solar arrays, including:

  • Patented corrugated helix plates, which are proven to be 50% stronger than those on other helical piles.
  • A patent-pending lateral support system which increases piling stability.
  • All-robotic welding, for precise and strong connections between pile pipes and helix plates.

In addition to using innovative designs and techniques to make our helical piers the strongest available, we’ve made forward-thinking decisions to keep our solar support systems affordable as well. We always make sure our customers receive the lowest prices by offering manufacturer direct sales without any middle men. Our production costs are also kept low, since we purchase 90% recycled steel for all of our products and power both our office and production facility with our own 42 KW ground mounted solar power system. This allows us to offer unbeatable prices even on custom piles, while still delivering superior products.

To learn more about our helical pile foundations for solar support systems or other structures, contact Cantsink today.

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