At Cantsink, we steadily maintain our belief that helical piles are the best solution available for a sound structural foundation. As the leading helical pile and foundational support system manufacturer in the U.S., we firmly believe the benefits of our helical piles simply can’t be beat, and here’s why:

Made in America with American Materials

To ensure we’re producing the highest quality helical pile and foundational support system products in the country, we proudly offer products that are made in the USA. Our helical piles are assembled with our patented helix plate and are manufactured in an Atlanta facility that is solar powered and a net-zero energy operation. The steel we use is also made exclusively in America.

Quick, Simple Installs with Little Disturbance

Helical piles are generally easy to install and don’t require complicated machinery or a lot of manpower. The process is quicker than you’d expect, and the overall impact to your work area will be negligible, since no soil removal is required. We offer training and certification in installations, so your future projects will go smoothly.

Helical Piles Reach Deep Into Stable Soil  

Before construction begins on any building, the quality of the soil must be assessed and properly compacted. But over time, moisture fluctuations and soil erosion can occur, nonetheless. One clear benefit of helical piles is that they can be driven deep into the ground, through unstable soils and into the solid bedrock below. And although some soil is displaced during their installation, helical piles are driven to a depth where soils are firm, so you don’t have to worry about foundation shifting or settling, even if your soil isn’t exactly ideal.

Full Steel Helixes

Cantsink’s helical piles are manufactured with 100% U.S. steel. Helical piles are already incredibly strong by design, but our solid steel piles are 50% stronger than the competition.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of our helical piles or how to sign up for training and certification, get in touch with our team at Catsink today!