From Pull Testing to Beam Supply, Cantsink Offers Experience and Cost-Effective Stability for Utility-Scale Solar Projects

From its commitment as an “early adopter” of solar for its net-zero-energy manufacturing facility in 2010, Cantsink has grown with the solar market.

Cantsink built a versatile line of stability products and services essential to successful utility-scale solar projects drawing on its own good experience with solar. These Cantsink offerings have evolved with the expanding solar market for the past decade. Solar developers and installers nationwide can employ Cantsink’s expertise with solar supplies and services for reliable construction groundwork.

The company offers support services such as pull testing, analysis, and engineering to assist with site preparation. Once specifications for the site are established, Cantsink can supply top quality beams and other products, ensuring long-term stability for all types of racking and panel design.

Cantsink is the stability expert, having focused exclusively on structural stability since its inception more than 30 years ago. The company has been on Solar Power World’s list of Top Solar Contractors since 2013, rising steadily through the rankings over the years.

Cantsink offers beams, testing, and engineered analysis of tests to be sure each project uses the correct size beam for long-term performance.

Cantsink has provided equipment and services to many satisfied clients in the solar industry. One project manager, Doug Merrill, who worked with Cantsink on a North Carolina project, praised Cantsink’s high-quality service and value.

“In all email exchanges, conference call interfaces, and face-to-face experience with Cantsink, [it] has been the best I have been a part of in my 30 years of field construction,” Merrill said. “Cantsink is fast, responsive, and 30 percent cheaper than any other solution we explored. A total win/win.”

With time-tested knowledge, experience, equipment, and crews, Cantsink proudly serves the utility-scale solar market. A decade of hands-on performance makes Cantsink products and services the reliable choice for successful solar project operation.

Cantsink’s quality testing and analysis can help to ensure the right beams are being used for the specific soils on each site.

Contact Cantsink today to learn more about the company’s products and services for utility-scale solar.

Cantsink Helical Piers are Ideal for Remediation of Stability Issues in Existing Structures

The 2020 storm season is already setting records, and communities all over the U.S. are facing structural recovery from storm damage.

Cantsink helical piers and piles have long been applied to restoring structural foundation stability to buildings and other structures disrupted by flooding and storm-water runoff. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Cantsink was among the approved solutions to help Northeastern communities recover from its devastation.

More recently, Cantsink’s certified products have been deployed in numerous coastal communities to increase elevation and structural foundation stability for buildings that are newly at risk for flood damage.

In coastal North Carolina, for example, the historic Davis Free Will Baptist Church hired Progressive Construction, a Cantsink-certified installer, to elevate its sanctuary and adjacent facilities after they were repeatedly damaged by flooding. Not only did the crew use Cantsink products to lift and stabilize some 300,000 pounds of footings for the project, but the work was also completed during rainy weather with a water table just four inches below ground.

At completion, the structure was elevated by three feet, preserving it as a local landmark for future generations to enjoy.

Similarly, Cantsink products elevated the sinking area of a commercial gym in North Georgia damaged by a nearby stream diversion culvert that collapsed after heavy rains. Despite rainy conditions, work proceeded quickly and the gym was allowed to reopen, averting prolonged revenue losses.

Manufactured from 100 percent recycled U.S. steel, Cantsink helical piers and piles are made in the company’s net-zero-energy Metro Atlanta facility from a patented design that produces less waste. Cantsink products also are tested and certified for performance in accordance with standards established by the International Code Council, an independent, member-focused association that developed performance standards for building products.

Cantsink welcomes building professionals who want to join its national network of certified installers. All installers receive free, hands-on training at Cantsink headquarters and ongoing support from company experts.

Company engineers also work with project architects and engineers. Company professionals can offer tips on the most effective strategy for permanent stabilization using its patented helical piers, piles. and other products. Cantsink’s extensive product inventory offers an effective solution for nearly any type of soil or weather conditions.

The company also provides a fast turnaround on orders.

To learn more about the benefits and versatile applications of helical piers and piles for permanent structural stability, sign up for Cantsink’s accredited webinars. Building professionals can receive AIA and NCSEA continuing education credits for participating. Individual companies can schedule special “Lunch and Learn” presentations for their employees.

Call Cantsink today to find out more about how both new and remedial projects can benefit from its cost-effective helical piers and piles.

Helical Piers Provide Cost-Effective Stability in Rainy Conditions

This year, 2020, has been one of the wettest on record in many parts of the U.S., presenting a challenge for architects, engineers, and builders.

These professionals already know how disruptive wet weather and poor soils can be for structural stability. The recent relentless rain has created other challenges, too, such as future settlement issues, unless properly addressed and reinforced from the beginning.

Cantsink, a manufacturer of steel helical piers and piles, can provide an easy and elegant method for creating permanent stability without delays, even in rainy weather. Tested and certified to meet the highest standards for pier performance, Cantsink’s products will stand the test of time.

Manufactured from 100 percent recycled U.S. steel, Cantsink has a range of products for all types of applications, soils, and weather conditions. Cantsink helical piers and piles are fabricated in the company’s net-zero-energy facility in Metro Atlanta. Company engineers are available to consult with project engineers to offer support in selecting the right product and most effective design.

Our products can provide permanent support for homes, commercial buildings, utility poles, equipment pads, decks, porches, and other structural assets. They also can provide support and reinforcement for retaining walls and temporary shoring needs.

The International Code Council, an independent, member-focused association that developed performance standards for building products, has a code for helical piles and piers. Cantsink products have been tested and certified to meet these standards. In addition, Cantsink products offer even more unique advantages over other stability methods.

Cantsink’s helical piles and piers are manufactured with the company’s patented helix, a process that creates stronger support than other products on the market and produces less waste during fabrication.

Certified Cantsink installers are available in locations throughout the country. All installers receive hands-on training and support from Cantsink’s headquarters, ensuring that the permanent stability of Cantsink helical piers and piles gets expert attention on every site.

The Cantsink website also offers accredited webinars with detailed information on how these piles work, effective applications across a range of structures, and case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of pile support. Webinar participants can receive continuing education credits from AIA and NCSEA. For more information or to schedule a webinar, contact Cantsink.

Forecast models indicate that wet weather and flooding will be more common in the decades ahead. Building with structural stability to withstand these conditions is the smart choice.

Consult our construction engineering blog, and contact our construction engineering experts at Cantsink today to learn more about our helical piles and piers, and the best way to build for the future.

helical piles facility Congressman Jody Hice visits cantsink

Cantsink Hosts Informational Site Visit from U.S. Congressman Jody Hice

U.S. Representative Jody Hice (R-10) honored Cantsink in April with a site visit to learn more about the company, its products and its role in the growing energy market.

  He met with us at our net-zero-energy manufacturing facility in Metro Atlanta. Cantsink President Patrick Hutchinson and Safety Director/Project Manager Sharon Lee spoke with Congressman Hice about renewable energy growth and the Rural Utilities Service (RUS) operated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Cantsink has been a leader in providing effective products, such as our helical foundation anchors, to serve evolving renewable energy technology, as well as products that support effective power grid operation.

  Read about it here in Congressman Hice’s newsletter:

Congressman Jody Hice visits cantsink helical piles facility pat hutchinson sharon lee

jewel homes helical piles case study

Cantsink Holds Foundations Steady Through Spring Rains, Cost-Effective Protection from Unexpected Sinking

April showers bring May flowers, but coming on the heels of the wettest winter on record they may also produce unexpected foundation issues.

  Changing weather patterns and extreme weather events are creating new issues for businesses and homeowners. But stormy weather is no cause for concern when foundations are supported by Cantsink’s patented helical piers. Cantsink offers an effective underground support system for new construction as well as a remedial solution for restoring alignment or increasing elevation.

  Experts are predicting unprecedented flooding in many parts of the East Coast during the next few months. The Midwest has already borne the brunt of snow melt, heavy rain and extreme storm activity. And coastal states are reconsidering their flood zone boundaries and building codes.

  Cantsink was called in to provide support for a Jacksonville, FL, home built to replace a razed structure damaged by extreme weather. Local government rezoned the lot because the storm activity had revealed its location to be more flood-prone than initially assumed. The rezoning required a building elevation three feet higher than the previous structure.

  Engineers working with Alexander Grace Consulting specified pier columns to elevate the house connected with a shallow concrete grade beam to help it withstand lateral stress. Cantsink helical piers were installed below ground to stabilize the new elevated design.

  Complicating the installation, geotechnical reports showed very inconsistent soils and a potential dense layer 38-55 feet below grade. Plus, site conditions required the installation to be accomplished without disturbing the nearby marshland, and a potential penalty of $10,000 for violation.

  This made installation of Cantsink helical piers the ideal solution because they avoided the need for heavy machinery that could have encroached on the marshland. Cantsink helical piers are installed with a skid steer, which is less expensive to mobilize and easier to maneuver on the site. Finally, work had to be coordinated with tidal flows, which intermittently interfered with visibility and work requirements in the pre-dug footings.

  Cantsink’s patented helical piers provided a perfect solution to the tight working conditions and soil-related challenges. Using helical piers helped the contractor stay on schedule with maximum installation efficiency. Cantsink crews also carefully coordinated their work schedule with weather forecasts for tidal ebb and flow to maximize installation accuracy and productivity. The installation was completed without any marshland disturbance.

  Whether working in coastal environments or challenging conditions anywhere, Cantsink helical piers provide cost-effective solutions that save time and money. The result is permanent stability in any type of soil or weather conditions.

  Using 100% U.S. steel, Cantsink fabricates a wide range of patented helical piers certified for performance by the International Code Council. The ICC is an independent, member-focused association dedicated to developing model codes and standards. Cantsink also offers engineering support and superior customer service.

  With its recently expanded manufacturing and storage capacity, Cantsink offers fast turnaround on orders. Two-day, hands-on certification training for installers is conducted quarterly at Cantsink headquarters in Metro Atlanta. The training is free and Cantsink provides ongoing support that includes marketing materials, prospect leads and consulting.

  Cantsink helical piers offer numerous advantages over other underground support methods. Installation requires no curing delay and can even be performed in standing water, so issues prompted by soaking rains in soft soil can be resolved before structural damage worsens. Construction schedules for new buildings stay on budget in almost any weather.

  Cantsink can handle everything from a whole-structure elevation project to a minimally invasive remediation for a sinking foundation. And starting new construction right with our patented helical piers keeps foundations solid from Day One.

  Contact Cantsink today to see what permanent stability can do to banish rainy-day worries.

jewel homes helical pile case study
jewel homes helical piers case study

Cantsink Debuts New Website to Showcase Products, Training, Applications, and Case Studies

Cantsink Debuts New Website to Showcase Products, Training, Applications, and Case Studies | User-friendly site highlights 30th Anniversary and expanded manufacturing capacity

Atlanta, GA – The new Cantsink website is now available online with updated product descriptions, training opportunities and testimonials.

The company recently celebrated its 30th year in business and completed its expansion of manufacturing and warehouse facilities to better serve its customers. The new website reflects Cantsink’s ongoing commitment to top quality products, innovative design, conscientious customer service, and cost-effective product performance.

Cantsink now offers a wide variety of products tested and certified by the International Code Council, an independent, member-focused association dedicated to developing model codes and standards for safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient structures. The company has been a net-zero energy manufacturing facility since 2010 and uses 100% American-made steel to produce its patented products.

Patrick Hutchinson, president of Cantsink, said the new website extends his company’s dedication to continuous improvement.

“As we celebrate our 30th Anniversary, we recognize the importance of effective communication with our customers about what we do and how we do it,” Hutchinson said. “Our new website is intended to engage engineers, architects, builders, and installers in creating cost-effective, long-term structural stability.”

Cantsink helical piers offer guaranteed stability for foundations, retaining walls and other structures in a wide range of soil and weather conditions. Cantsink products are ideal for new construction as well as remedial stabilization. With its experience in structural support for energy equipment, Cantsink offers products and expertise suited to the needs of grid infrastructure and alternative energy.

The special design of Cantsink helical piers gives them 50% greater helix capacity than other steel piers on the market. Cantsink’s installation process is also faster and less disruptive than other stabilization methods.

Leveraging decades of experience in foundation support, Cantsink’s wide range of products provides cost-effective stability for nearly any soil type or climate. Cantsink enjoys a well-established reputation as an accomplished provider of high quality workmanship and a leading structural innovator for foundation stabilization and repair.

Visit the new website with its user-friendly information on Cantsink products and services at .


September 18, 2018


Andrew Carter


Helical Piles Help Keep Heavy Equipment Safely Supported On Large Solar Projects

While traditional foundations may settle with soil erosion, helical piles can provide a more reliable method for supporting solar inverters and other heavy equipment.

Heavy electrical equipment like central solar inverters is often installed on concrete foundations. But without additional support from below, the foundation can shift, causing equipment to rest unevenly. This puts stress on cables and can lead to diminished performance or even failures. Fixing the problem may require shutting down the entire solar array, and the resulting downtime reduces profits.

Helical piles (also referred to as piers or anchors) can provide a more stable foundation for heavy equipment. Piles are typically a slender metal shaft with a helix-shaped plate at one end.

Georgia-based Cantsink has been in business for 30 years and manufactures its own helical piles. The company discovered that the same piles used to stabilize home foundations and utility poles work just as effectively on solar projects.

Helical piles installed where an energy storage system will sit



“Helical piles are screwed into the ground, typically greater than 5 ft,” said Lester Salinas, an engineer at Cantsink. “At this point, the soil is so compact that the structure is not going to undergo settlement. That’s one of the primary reasons developers choose this method, to prevent that settlement.”

Before starting a solar project, developers commission geotechnical site studies to examine soil types and determine if the location is prone to flooding. Developers can come to Cantsink with this information, as well as the weight and dimensions of the heavy equipment—central inverter, switchgear, battery bank, transformer, etc.—and the company will determine the number of piles and depth needed to support it. Sharon Lee, marketing director of Cantsink, said the company is a one-stop-shop for manufacturing and installation.

“We’ve got engineers that can specify the design, but then we can also install,” she said. “People may not know exactly what they’re looking for, [but] they know they need to stabilize the equipment for the life of the PPA. We can pull in site and soil details and what you’re trying to do, and we can say ‘Here’s how to best accomplish this.’”

Salinas said that helical piles are self-verifying, meaning that by monitoring how much pressure it takes to install the pile, one can quantify the pile’s load capacity. The more pressure it takes to drive the pile into the ground, the more load it can support.

“If you are not doing helical piles, you just hope the soil compaction was done well, but there’s no guarantee,” he said. “You hope for the best. But with helical piles, you have some sort of warranty that what was done in the field is going to last a long time.”

An S&C system being positioned over helical pile foundations












Soil type determines how deep the piles must go. For example, sandy soil will require deeper piles. Flooding risk determines the elevation of the piles. If the site is in a flood zone, then piles are raised to the proper height to avoid water damage to electrical equipment.

Helical pile deep-foundation systems also ensure safety, remove easily and install quickly.

Quick installation was especially important to S&C Electric Company as it worked with a tight deadline for Ameren’s microgrid facility in Champaign, Illinois. Located at Ameren’s Technology Applications Center (TAC) near the University of Illinois campus, the Ameren microgrid provides multiple sources of distributed generation—solar, wind, natural gas and battery storage—to support the TAC and a 1-MW commercial and residential load.

“One of the hardest parts of the Ameren project was the schedule,” said Paul Pabst, assistant manager of engineering services at S&C Electric Company. “We had our kickoff meeting in June 2016 and the system had to be completed by the end of the year. We knew we had to use something that would save time primarily, but using helical piles would also save cost.”

The finished Ameren microgrid












Traditional heavy equipment foundations require hiring contractors to dig forms, or trenches, install rebar and pour in concrete. Then that concrete needs to cure. This can take days or weeks depending on weather conditions. Helical piles can be installed in a single day, and then a precast concrete or metal skid can be placed on top.

“We were able to quickly mount our control house, battery storage system and switchgear,” Pabst said. “It was a success story because we were able to meet our deadline while keeping costs down.”

Cantsink recommends installing helical piles at the start of a project, because retrofitting can be complicated and expensive. When retrofitting, the entire solar array must be shut down and getting the piles underneath a pad with existing wire and cabling can be cumbersome.

Lee said using helical piles has not yet reached common acceptance as a core strategy for long-term performance in solar installation development.

“More education is needed,” she said. “EPCs are completely cost-focused, and I understand that. There are not a lot of margins in a solar project. But I think that the way a firm should look at this is you’re trying to build a quality system for the life of the structure. This is the best way to protect the project’s long-term performance and make sure it’s going to be the best it can be.”

For more information on Cantsink products and services, visit .

To read the original article from Solar Power World, click here.

New ICC Certification Makes Cantsink the Sole Source for Widest Helix Products

Testing shows products meet all international standards for helical piers

Atlanta, GA – Cantsink Manufacturing is now the only maker of helical piers at 16-inch and 19-inch diameters that offer certification from the International Code Council.

The ICC is an independent, member-focused association dedicated to developing model codes and standards used in the design, build and compliance process to construct safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient structures. Through its AC358 specifications, the ICC tests helical piers for their compliance with a set of industry quality standards for these foundation products.

At the World of Concrete in Las Vegas January 23-26, Cantsink will be in Booth S13550 to provide information on its full range of helical piers.

Cantsink’s 2 7/8” HSS and its 1.5” RCS have received ICC certification after 20 months of testing, inspection and published reporting. This new ICC-certified product line offers a wider range of options for tie back anchors, vertical and compression piles and micropiles. Results can be found online under ESR-1559.

Patrick Hutchinson, president of Cantsink, helped the ICC develop its standards for helical piles. He said Cantsink and its staff are proud to uphold the highest quality standards for product performance.

“As we celebrate our 30th anniversary year, we are more committed than ever to offering the widest range of helical products on the market,” Hutchinson said. “We are proud to have received the ICC’s official certification after extensive testing and independent scrutiny.”

Made in Georgia from 100% U.S. steel, Cantsink helical piers offer guaranteed stability for foundations, retaining walls and other structures under a wide range of soil and weather conditions. Cantsink products are ideal for new construction as well as remedial stabilization.

Cantsink’s special design makes its helical piers 50% stronger than any other steel piers on the market. Its installation process is also shorter and less disruptive than other stabilization methods.

Leveraging decades of experience in foundation support and repair, Cantsink experts analyze the specific conditions of every job, recommend the right approach, and provide the cost-effective products to fit the requirements. Cantsink has proudly established its long reputation as an accomplished provider of high quality workmanship and a leading structural innovator in the foundation installation and repair business.

For more information on Cantsink products and services, visit .

Cantsink Celebrates 30 Years of Foundation Expertise and Innovation

Atlanta, GA –  Cantsink is celebrating its 30th year in 2018 as a trusted partner for foundation support in the construction industry by expanding its Metro Atlanta manufacturing facility.

Since its founding in 1988, Cantsink has supplied the construction industry with foundation stability products, expertise and service. Built on its firm reputation for cost-effective quality and customer satisfaction, Cantsink created and has continuously enhanced its line of patented helical piles. For delivery of quality installation techniques for foundation repair, excellent customer service, and lasting stability, Cantsink’s reputation is unsurpassed.

With a team of professionals that includes general contractors and engineers, Cantsink has installed almost three million feet of helical piers. That’s enough to stretch from its Atlanta, GA, headquarters to Indianapolis, IN, laid end-to-end. Cantsink professionals have combined experience of more than 100 years in foundation repair and stabilization to apply to every site.

Now, Cantsink is poised to speed delivery of its high-quality products resulting from expanded production capacity. The newly expanded facility, completed in March, adds 60,000 square feet and new manufacturing equipment to Cantsink’s manufacturing and storage capability.

Cantsink Founder Patrick Hutchinson continues to lead the company as it grows to keep up with new applications for its products and maintain its record for quick turnaround on orders.

“I’m proud of the talented, dedicated team around me and thankful for the niche we’ve created in the construction industry for the products we’ve designed, patented and certified over the years,” Hutchinson said. “Our ongoing relationships with builders close to our Metro Atlanta home and far beyond reflect Cantsink’s commitment to excellence in every project.”

Over three decades, Cantsink has become an industry leader with the widest variety of helical piles on the market certified by the International Code Council. The ICC, an independent, member-focused association dedicated to developing model codes and standards, tests and verifies building products to ensure they meet the highest standards for performance.

Cantsink’s innovative design means its line of helical piles, made from 100% U.S.-made steel, includes the largest certified helix sizes in the market. Plus, Cantsink’s commitment to value doesn’t stop with the best products, expertise and customer service in the foundation industry. The Cantsink operation has been net-zero energy since 2010 and the patented design of Cantsink products creates less waste while producing a stronger helix.

Through this commitment, Cantsink has developed a strong presence in the growing market for solar energy. Not only are Cantsink’s support products ideal for maintaining the long-term stability of ground-mounted solar arrays, but Cantsink now manufactures racking systems, too. Solar racking from Cantsink is sold through its Brilliant Rack brand.

Whatever the stability or anchoring need, Cantsink makes a perfect product for the purpose and site conditions.  Cantsink’s dedication to high-quality products, excellent customer service, and ongoing innovation continues as the company looks forward to its next 30 years of service to the construction industry.

For more information or to talk to a Cantsink expert, visit


Sharon Lee, Marketing Director


Cantsink Named #1 U.S. Manufacturer Installer in Solar Power World Rankings

Metro Atlanta company also named #1 GA Solar Contractor and #16 on 2018 national Top Contractor list.

Atlanta, GA – Metro Atlanta-based Cantsink has been named by Solar Power World as the #1 Manufacturer Installer on the magazine’s annual ranking of U.S. solar companies.

In addition to being named #1 Manufacturer Installer in the nation, Cantsink also topped the ranking of Georgia Solar Contractors at #1 and was ranked #16 nationally on the Utility Contractors list and the overall Top Contractors list. Cantsink first appeared on the annual Solar Power World Top Contractors list in 2013.

Produced annually, the Top Solar Contractor’s list celebrates the achievements of U.S. solar developers, subcontractors and installers within the utility, commercial and residential markets, ranking contractors by kilowatts installed in the previous year.

Solar Power World is very excited about the 2018 class of Top Solar Contractors,” said Kelly Pickerel, the magazine’s editor in chief. “Our 2017 list showed impressive installation numbers after 2016’s huge rush to meet ITC requirements, and many companies were hesitant to show unavoidable installation dips after last year’s high. We’re happy to feature a strong group of thriving U.S. solar installers on the 2018 Top Solar Contractors list. These companies truly are at the top of their markets.”

In 2017, the non-residential solar market grew 28% year-over-year, the fourth straight year of annual growth for commercial, industrial and community solar. Last year, 30% of all new electric generating capacity brought online in the United States came from solar, second only to new natural gas capacity.

The first quarter of 2018 showed 13% growth over the first quarter of 2017, and Cantsink is a recognized contributor to that increase.

Cantsink, which manufactures and installs piling systems that secure ground-mounted solar installation equipment and solar racking systems (branded through its Brilliant Rack division), is a net-zero-energy operation powered with solar energy. The company is celebrating its 30th year in business and just completed a significant expansion.

Patrick Hutchinson, CEO of Cantsink, said he is delighted to see the Cantsink team honored with recognition by Solar Power World as one of the nation’s Top Solar Contractors and Georgia’s #1 Solar Contractor.

“I am proud of the excellent work our Cantsink solar division does and honored that our work is recognized among the nation’s most sought-after solar companies. Being named #1 Manufacturer Installer is a dream come true,” Hutchinson said. “From our first day in business 30 years ago, we have focused on quality, expertise and customer service in every aspect of our work. To be engaged in this emerging solar market is exciting and we remain committed to its ongoing growth and vitality.”

Sharon Lee

About Cantsink

Cantsink is a piling manufacturing company trusted throughout the nation to supply innovative, strong and cost-effective helical piles. Now celebrating 30 years in business, we have been in the helical pile industry since 1988 innovating piles for a wide variety of structures. Building on our pioneering experience in solar as a net-zero-energy facility, Cantsink leveraged that expertise to become a recognized national leader in the fast-growing solar industry. In 2013, Cantsink began manufacturing racking systems for ground-mounted solar and formed its branded racking system, Brilliant Rack, in 2014. Expertise and innovation have made Cantsink a trusted provider of helical piles for 30 years and a leader in the growing solar industry. For more information, visit


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