Helical Piers Provide Cost-Effective Stability in Rainy Conditions

This year, 2020, has been one of the wettest on record in many parts of the U.S., presenting a challenge for architects, engineers, and builders.

These professionals already know how disruptive wet weather and poor soils can be for structural stability. The recent relentless rain has created other challenges, too, such as future settlement issues, unless properly addressed and reinforced from the beginning.

Cantsink, a manufacturer of steel helical piers and piles, can provide an easy and elegant method for creating permanent stability without delays, even in rainy weather. Tested and certified to meet the highest standards for pier performance, Cantsink’s products will stand the test of time.

Manufactured from 100 percent recycled U.S. steel, Cantsink has a range of products for all types of applications, soils, and weather conditions. Cantsink helical piers and piles are fabricated in the company’s net-zero-energy facility in Metro Atlanta. Company engineers are available to consult with project engineers to offer support in selecting the right product and most effective design.

Our products can provide permanent support for homes, commercial buildings, utility poles, equipment pads, decks, porches, and other structural assets. They also can provide support and reinforcement for retaining walls and temporary shoring needs.

The International Code Council, an independent, member-focused association that developed performance standards for building products, has a code for helical piles and piers. Cantsink products have been tested and certified to meet these standards. In addition, Cantsink products offer even more unique advantages over other stability methods.

Cantsink’s helical piles and piers are manufactured with the company’s patented helix, a process that creates stronger support than other products on the market and produces less waste during fabrication.

Certified Cantsink installers are available in locations throughout the country. All installers receive hands-on training and support from Cantsink’s headquarters, ensuring that the permanent stability of Cantsink helical piers and piles gets expert attention on every site.

The Cantsink website also offers accredited webinars with detailed information on how these piles work, effective applications across a range of structures, and case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of pile support. Webinar participants can receive continuing education credits from AIA and NCSEA. For more information or to schedule a webinar, contact Cantsink.

Forecast models indicate that wet weather and flooding will be more common in the decades ahead. Building with structural stability to withstand these conditions is the smart choice.

Consult our construction engineering blog, and contact our construction engineering experts at Cantsink today to learn more about our helical piles and piers, and the best way to build for the future.