About this Course – 1 LU (Learning Unit)

AIA Course Number: 101 – Stable Foundations Start Below Ground

AIA Provider Number – 404109003

Presenter – Lester Salinas of Cantsink

An introduction to the design of helical piles, along with their various, yet unique applications

Learning Objective 1:
Foundation stability as an essential element of sustainable construction, and the importance of durable structural alignment.

A. Concepts/Definitions

B. Historical background

Learning Objective 2:

A. Process and Equipment

B. Advantages/Disadvantages

Learning Objective 3:
Helical theory and design, including specifications and requirements

A. Calculations and Considerations

B. Bearing Capacity/Cylindrical Shear/Spacing

C. Torque Correlation during Installation

D. Uplift and Lateral Loads

E. Building Code

Learning Objective 4:
Case study review