Foundation repair isn’t a job for just any kind of contractor or home repair outfit. It requires specialized knowledge of all the intricacies involved in why a home’s foundation is sinking and causing problems like unlevel floors, sticking windows and doors, gaps in windows and door frames, tilting chimneys, and cracks in walls, to name a few.

Cantsink of Atlanta is the foundation repair expert, focusing exclusively on foundation repair and stabilization.


Our professional staff, which includes a staff engineer and licensed general contractor, has combined experience of more than 100 years in foundation repair and stabilization work. Simply put, no other company in the area can match our experience and expertise.

Patented product design

We have perfected and patented a unique helix design that makes our helical piles 50 percent stronger than those of our competitors. Our innovative manufacturing process enables us to produce a superior helix for less money than it costs our competitors to produce an inferior product.


We are the only foundation repair company that manufactures helical piles here in the Atlanta area. This enables us to eliminate middleman markups and achieve a price point our competitors can’t touch.

Minimized disruptions

Foundation repair work usually necessitates some degree of disruption to the homeowner’s property. Through our experience, we’ve learned how to use the right kinds of machinery and equipment to keep property and landscape disruptions to a minimum.

Environmental consciousness

Cantsink of Atlanta has taken a number of steps to help preserve the environment during the process of foundation repair, including using steel that’s 99 percent recycled. Unlike conventional piers or pilings, the installation of helical piles does not displace soil, so there’s no erosion. Also, we are installing solar panels at our manufacturing facility, which will become a net-zero energy user when the installation is complete.

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