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When you’re searching for a strong foundation pile for your construction project, the experts at Cantsink can help. We have been in the helical pile industry since 1988, and are ready to put our considerable knowledge and experience to work for you. We’ve manufactured and installed helical piles for a wide variety of applications so you can count on our team to select or design pierings that are perfect for your pile

In addition to the large selection of standard-sized piles we keep in stock, we are one of the few manufacturers that specialize in custom foundation pile design. Whether you need a special bracket for ground mounting solar panels or a multi-helix pile to provide extra support to a light pole foundation, our team of professional engineers can create the helical foundation pile you need.

All of our piles, standard and custom, are among the strongest on the market. They feature a patented helix plate that is cold formed and corrugated which makes it up to 50% stronger than those on our competitors’ piles. We also robotically weld each pipe to its helix to provide the strongest, most precise connection possible. All of these features ensure that our pilings have a life expectancy of 100 years when properly installed.

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Get a Low, Manufacturer-Direct Price on the Foundation Pile You Need

In addition to being highly durable, our piles are exceptionally cost effective. Cantsink piles cost far less than concrete and are easier to install. This means you save time and money on labor in addition to our already low manufacturer pricing. We also use several cost-effective production practices including purchasing 90% recycled steel and generating our own solar power on site to help keep our prices as low as possible. More value is added for customers through our excellent customer service team. We’re always available to answer questions about our foundation pile products and how to install them.

To learn more about our helical pile foundation products for foundation repair companies and solar contractors in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Charlotte, San Diego and beyond, contact Cantsink today.

Cantsink Goes Green

Cantsink had a 42 kw solar system installed at our manufacturing facility.  This conversion slashed our utility bill to nothing. At Cantsink, we have always been a believer in renewable energy and this gives us a chance to show our customers that solar can work for them too.  The average utility bill before our solar system was $1,000.

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