Cantsink Helical Piles Solve Problem for Daytona International Speedway Project

Daytona, FL – Cantsink completed a project utilizing helical pile foundations at the Daytona International Speedway for a 442kW structural solar car canopy. The canopy, covering roughly an acre area in the parking lot adjacent to International Speedway Blvd, was designed to contain 23 large footings subject to shear, uplift and compressive loading.

After geotechnical testing was completed for the project’s location site, the results of the soil borings indicated very soft soil making it unsuitable to pour the footings on the existing soil. Helical piles were the recommended solution to support the canopy structure. Lester Salinas, the Foundation Firm’s Head Engineer, explained, “Helicals are an excellent choice to handle the loading requirements and provide timely installation.”

The contractor selected the Cantsink team, emphasizing that the soil conditions were unexpected and the issue needed to be addressed quickly. Cantsink utilized the Foundation Firm for engineering design on the footings and piles based upon the structural loading information provided by the Structural Engineer of Record, Cape Design. The engineering was approved and finalized on a Monday afternoon and Cantsink was on the job site the next day ready to install the helical piles. Cantsink installed 130 helical piles to an approximate depth of 28 feet with 130 bolted top plates. Their work was completed within only three and a half days time. Cantsink’s timely response and speedy installation put the client ahead of schedule to move into the next phase of concrete and assembly. The total value of the renovations at the Speedway is estimated at $350 million.

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