Helical Foundation Pier Products

Helical Foundation Pier Systems ensure strong foundations.When you need a custom helical foundation pier, Cantsink is the experienced manufacturer you can trust to develop a product that’s perfect for your project. We have experienced engineers who can design specialized brackets, helical piles with multiple helix plates and piling with a variety of other features that will ensure your structure gets the support it needs. Thanks to our flexible production capabilities, we can often have custom foundation pier designs manufactured in as little as 2 weeks. We also stock a wide variety of standard-sized helical piles, with pipe diameters between 2” and 8” and helix plate diameters between 8” and 19” so in many case we can immediately send the foundation pier you need.

All of our piering, whether custom or standard, is among the strongest on the market thanks to several innovative design features and production practices, including:
• Patented, corrugated helix plates which are up to 50% stronger than those on competitors’ piles
• Cold forming of helix plates for added strength
• Robotic welding to ensure strong and precise connections between helix plates and pile pipes
• Patent-pending lateral supports which offer increased foundation piling stability

Whether you’re underpinning a home foundation or anchoring utility poles, you can count on Cantsink to supply the durable helical piers you need. Plus, thanks to our low, manufacturer-direct prices you’ll find our foundation pier products to be a very affordable option for your project as well.
To learn more about Cantsink’s foundation pier supplies or get a quote for your next project, contact us today.

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