Helical Pier Products for Foundation Contractors

pier foundationIf you’re looking for the ideal helical pier for a foundation repair project, the best place to get exactly what you need is Cantsink. We keep hundreds of thousands of feet of standard-sized helical piles in stock, with helix plate diameters from 8” to 19” and pile pipe diameters from 2” to 8”. We can also engineer and manufacture custom piles and hardware in as little as two weeks if your project presents unique challenges.

Whether you need our standard or custom products, you’re sure to be impressed with the strength our helical piers offer. Our products use our patented, corrugated helix plates, which have been shown to be up to 50 percent stronger than those on other piles. Our helix plates are also cold-formed to further ensure their strength. We even robotically weld pile pipes and helix plates to ensure every connection is strong and precise.

Our customers can also count on getting a low price on the foundation repair pier they need, since we’ve made many efforts to keep our products affordable, including:

  • Purchasing 90 percent recycled steel to keep our material costs low.
  • Offering manufacturer-direct sales which cut out the middle man and ensure our customers always get the lowest possible price.
  • Converting our manufacturing facility and offices to run on solar power which lowers production costs so we can pass the savings on to you.

For more information about our company or to get a quote on the ideal helical pier system for your next foundation repair project, contact Cantsink today. We’re proud to serve customers in Georgia, Colorado, New Jersey, Ohio and throughout the rest of the U.S.A.

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