Solar Foundations

Is there one foundation type that fits every solar project? No. Each site has different soil conditions, topography and loading requirements that must be considered in order to ensure that your array will remain stable for the life of your system.

The foundation you choose is a very important decision and should not be evaluated under a one-size-fits-all approach. Here are some factors to examine:

  • Type of racking system
  • Size and type of module
  • Configuration of the modules
  • Soil characteristics
  • Climate conditions

Cantsink can be your one-stop shop for foundation systems. If the conditions warrant a helical pile, our engineers can provide soil and/or pull testing, and calculations to determine the specifications to best support your array.

Need a driven pile? Whatever the shape, Cantsink can assist you with those specifications and supply beams as well.

Choose one of our solar foundation solutions to learn more.
Helical Driven

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