Solar Ground Mount Foundations

hoose Cantsink helical piles for solar ground mount foundationsWhen you’re looking for a foundation for your solar ground mount system, it’s a smart idea to talk with the helical pile experts at Cantsink. Our company has been working with helical anchors since 1988 and has extensive experience designing and manufacturing helical anchors and other hardware to support solar power systems both at home and abroad. In fact, our engineers have worked alongside those from several of the solar industry’s most trusted manufacturers, like MAGE Solar, Solar FlexRack and Schletter, to produce mounting hardware that perfectly marry our foundations to their solar ground mount systems. So if you’re using any of their top-of-the-line equipment, you can save time and energy by choosing our helical anchors for your foundation.

In addition to the hundreds of thousands of feet of standard size helical piles we keep in stock, Cantsink produces custom helical piles with exceptional speed. We can expertly analyze the conditions at your site, so whether you need to compensate for high wind, a drastic tilt angle or unstable soil, you can trust us to develop an effective solution. Plus, we can help keep your project moving forward with minimal delays, since we can have custom helical piles designed and manufactured in as little as two weeks.

Our company also understands that ecological concerns are important for many solar projects, which is why we’ve taken several steps to ensure our products and production process are as green as possible. Our products use minimal raw materials since we purchase 90% recycled steel to use in all of our components. This material is not only exceptionally durable, but can also be easily removed and recycled when no longer needed. We’ve also converted our facility to run on our very own 42 KW solar array. Both of these environmentally friendly practices also have the added benefit of reducing our production costs, which allows us to offer our customers low prices on all of our solar ground mount anchors.

To find out more about our helical piles for solar ground mount systems, contact Cantsink today.

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