Solar Racking Support Systems

Choose Cantsink Helical Steel Piles for solar racking system foundationsSolar racking systems need reliable foundations to ensure they remain firmly in place to take maximum advantage of the available light. Without supports that compensate for soil conditions, wind and the tilt angle of panels, these systems can easily become misaligned or even come crashing down. At Cantsink, we have extensive experience in manufacturing helical pile foundations to support solar arrays and can deliver the perfect foundation solution for any project.

Our company keeps hundreds of thousands of helical piers in stock with pipe diameters from 2” to 8” and helix plate diameters from 8” to 19”, so in many cases we can immediately ship the ideal product. We have also partnered with some of the nation’s leading solar manufacturers, including Schletter, Mage Solar and Solar FlexRack, to design specialized hardware that perfectly marry our foundations to their solar racking systems. In fact, we can design customized piles and mounting hardware for any project and have your custom products manufactured usually within just two weeks.

In addition to being able to quickly deliver the perfect helical pile for your project, Cantsink has made forward-thinking choices to ensure that our solar racking support systems are both affordable and eco-friendly. We purchase 90% recycled steel to produce our helical piles, which not only keeps costs low but also means our helical piers can be recycled again if they are no longer needed. We also offer manufacturer-direct sales, which cuts out the middle man to keep prices low and prevents excess transportation that burns fossil fuels. Plus, because we believe in leading by example, we run our office and production facility on our own solar power system to minimize both production cost and the environmental impact of our work.

To find out more about what makes Cantsink’s helical piles the ideal foundation for solar racking systems, contact us today.

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