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Helical Pile 101


Knowledge is 

When Cantsink first began creating helical piles, there was a learning curve. Our engineers had to figure out not only how to craft them in a way that could support both residential and commercial structures for years to come, but also how to install them in a relatively easy way. Although there’s a lot involved in creating and using helical piles, we mastered it, which in turn made us a household name for contractors across the United States. Our goal was not only to create effective and useful products, but to develop a system to teach contractors and customers how to properly use them.

Becoming a certified installer may seem like a daunting task, but we promise it’s worth it. Our helical piles are built to make your job easier and expand the longevity of the structures you are working on. Our stability products have been designed with you in mind. We want everyone who uses our piles and piers to use them correctly. This allows the job to be done right the first time.

Earn Helical Pile 
Course Credits

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During this approved course presented by an engineering Ph.D., you can earn continuing education credits from the National Council of Structural Engineers Association and/or the American Institute of Architects. The presentation will detail the advantages of specifying patented Cantsink helical piers over other methods for shoring and foundation stability. ICC-ES approved for performance, Cantsink provides permanent solutions for stability in a wide range of soils and climate conditions.

Training Dates

Upon successful completion of any course, you will earn a credit hour with the respective organization and a Certificate of Completion from Cantsink.

Earn Credits While Learning About 
Helical Piles

Cantsink helical piers and piles offer a range of distinct advantages over other structural stability products and methods, as well as a wide variety of applications. From temporary site shoring to guaranteed permanent structural stability, Cantsink helical piers are easy to install, cost effective and performance-certified. Here are a few of the benefits from specifying Cantsink helical piers:

Patented helix, designed for strength


Fast installation

No curing time required

Guaranteed stability

Versatile applications

Effective in nearly any soil type or climate conditions

Accredited by the International Code Council

Lunch & Learn 

“Excellent graphics. Great, knowledgeable presentation. Very informative and interesting!”

E. Hogan, Continuing Education attendee

“Great presentation! I learned a lot about helical pile applications.”

J. Walsh, Continuing Education attendee

“Great presentation and knowledgeable presenter.”

M. Logan

“Great presentation. Good job on the examples and pictures.”

I. Carranza

Becoming A
Certified Installer

Free Installer Training & Certification

Whatever structure needs support or conditions you are working in, from helical piles to piers and beyond, Cantsink has the right structural stability products that will last the lifetime of any project. With 85,000 square feet in our manufacturing facility in Winder, GA, Cantsink offers state-of-the-art fabrication and 10,000 square feet of storage at our home office in Lilburn, GA, means fast turnaround on orders. Becoming a Cantsink-certified installer may be your best business strategy so far.

Why Cantsink?

Cantsink started with the goal to make home and building stability better. Over the years, we have created products that have not only made their mark, but also have become an industry standard. Our helical piles and piers are crafted and designed right here in the United States. Everything we do is made with sustainability in mind. We understand that our practices affect not only us but the environment surrounding us. You can rest assured that our products will fit your needs in a sustainable way. Our entire staff is dedicated to creating the best products for structural stability and integrity. Becoming a certified installer will set your work apart from the rest—and for good reason!