string inverter mounting solution - centric

New Cantsink mounting solution helps protect and centralize string inverters

Cantsink, a solar product supplier since 2010, is introducing Centric, its latest innovation in solar invertor installation and mountain solutions, speeds inverter installation and makes monitoring easier.

By allowing location of string inverters at a central position among ground-mounted panels, Centric streamlines solar inverter installation and placement during construction. In a traditional arrangement underneath the panels, inverters are mounted one-by-one in successive spots throughout the project. Centric offers a single, covered location for mounting multiple inverters.

string inverter mounting solution - centric

This not only speeds solar inverter installation and placement, it also makes O&M easier by allowing inspection of multiple inverters at one location. Oversight of individual units takes minutes rather than hours. Streamlined monitoring, in conjunction with protection from the elements, means the solar project as a whole works better and lasts longer.

With more utility scale projects using trackers to maximize generation, string inverters mounted under panels are more exposed to sun, rain and storms. Centric allows string inverters to be sheltered, as well as making them more accessible for quick inspection.

Patrick Hutchinson, president of Cantsink, said the complexity of rapidly evolving solar technology calls for supporting innovation that will also make solar installations more efficient throughout construction and operation.

“Having grown with the solar industry over the past decade, the innovative team at Cantsink is aware of ongoing needs for better equipment and new methods for managing solar sites,” Hutchinson said. “Centric is the kind of cost-effective design that not only improves the initial installation process, but keeps the project running effectively throughout its life.”