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Round Corner Square Shaft

Round Corner
Square Shaft


Cantsink's Round Corner
Square Shaft

Cantsink Patented Support Stabilizes Any Structure in Any Conditions

When you are looking for quality products for your next construction project, Cantsink has a wide range of helical piles and associated equipment to help you stabilize your structure. One of many quality products, our round corner square shaft helical pipe piles can be used in a variety of applications. Like the other offerings from Cantsink, these pipe piles are approved by the International Code Council. They are a 1.5" square round corner solid bar with a torque strength of 6,700 ft-lb. Available in 5', 7' and 10.5' nominal lengths, these round corner square shaft helical pipe piles for sale from Cantsink can also be extended with 3' to 10' extensions. They are also available in several single helix sizes, from 8" to 16", as well as double and triple helix options. The combinations are endless, and there is one to stabilize every application that your project requires.

Due to almost four decades of experience in the foundation support industry, architects, engineers and construction project managers turn to us for quality, reliability and dependability. Our products are built in our metro Atlanta manufacturing facility with 100% American steel. The entire team is proud to use green manufacturing processes in the production of our round corner square shaft helical pipe piles, and those processes are recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council. Because we have been in the industry for more than 35 years, we recognize how important it is for a construction project to arrive to completion on time and on budget. Cantsink's team of engineers will work with you closely to ensure we design the right solution at the right price for your construction project. Contact us today for a quote, or with any questions you may have about our products or processes.

Round Corner Square Shaft
Core Specs


1.5 inch RCS bar per 1530M or 1045M

Minimum Yield 85 Ksi

Minimum Tensile Strength 100 Ksi

Torque Strength Rating

= 6,700 Ft-lb

Load To Torque Ratio (Kt)

= 10

To Attach To An Extension

Use one 7/8″ A325 Gr. 5 Bolt

Available Nominal Lengths

5′, 7′ and 10.5’

Available Helix Size

8″, 10″, 12″, 14″ & 16″


A36 Steel with pitch of 3.0″ ± 0.25″

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Round Corner Square Shaft
Spec Sheets

RCS Standard Lengths: 5′, 7′, 10.5′

* customized lengths available

Single Helix 8"
Single Helix 10"
Single Helix 12"
Single Helix 14"
Single Helix 16"
Double Helix
ICC – Certified Combinations
8″/10″, 8″/14″, 10″/12″, 10″/14″, 12″/14″
Triple Helix
ICC – Certified Combinations
8″/10″/12″, 10″/12″/14″


3’ Extension
4’ Extension
5’ Extension
7’ Extension
10’ Extension


New Construction Bracket
Foundation Repair Bracket