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Cantsink solar power manufacturing plant

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Expertise and innovation have made Cantsink a trusted provider of helical piles for over 35 years.

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Who We Are

Cantsink is an environmentally friendly piling manufacturing company trusted throughout the nation to supply innovative, strong and cost-effective helical piles. Our experience allows us to provide any piling company with the helical piles and anchors that are perfectly suited to its project.

For over 35 years, Cantsink has been preserving the structural integrity of residential homes and commercial structures. Still managed by its founder, Patrick Hutchinson, and his expert team, Cantsink is trusted and endorsed by building professionals who know its record for foundation stabilization and repair. Combined with unsurpassed customer service and customized engineering, Cantsink products are dedicated to quality and focused on delivering guaranteed results. Who we are goes beyond a strong and proven product, but also an amazing and experienced team.

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The Cantsink

Our process has been tried and tested for more than 35 years, and has been proven to work time and time again. When you choose Cantsink helical piles for your job, you can be sure you made the right choice for your project.
Cantsink manufacturing plant
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Our designs are customized for each project. 

We will work with you to create the right product to fit the project you are working on. Cantsink has created a patented design that has been used around the world for projects big and small. As we crafted our manufacturing process, we realized the effect that our work had on the environment around us. This is why we became dedicated to making a net-zero emission plant that would allow us to manufacture everything here in the United States. Our company is dedicated to ensuring that all of our materials and supplies are all American made, from the time the raw material is found to the moment it is in your hands. As a helical pile manufacturing company, Cantsink has developed a world class patented design, that incorporates a process that merges the shaft and helix into a seamless pattern. This process produces less waste and produces stronger support.


Made with contractors and clients in mind.

Our manufacturing process is designed so we are not crafting helical piles that will go unused. That means when you place your order, your product is built specifically for your project. We have spent decades perfecting the manufacturing process in a way that makes it sustainable and efficient. Our goal is to create products that are ready to go straight off of the assembly line. That means you won’t have to worry about the product buckling under pressure during your project. Cantsink has created a patented design that has been used around the world for projects big and small.


Certifying to the highest standard for performance.

Tested and certified to the highest standards for performance, Cantsink helical piles have a yield strength of 50,000 psi and a minimal tensile strength of 65,000 psi. The solid bar, round corner square shaft has a 1.5" square diameter, and conforms to ASTM A576-90 with yield strength of 85,000 psi and tensile strength of 100,000. Now providing helix sizes ranging from 8" to 19" in diameter, Cantsink products provide foundation construction support that can be quickly installed and customized through product selection to address specific site conditions.

Quality Control

Quality control of our manufacturing processes is a priority at Cantsink. 

We want to ensure that every client has confidence that our new building and deep foundation construction solutions meet and even exceed the strictest standards of the industry. Our products are certified by the International Code Council (ICC), the highest standard for building construction. This certification is more than just a stamp of approval. Thorough testing and verification processes are involved before any of our products receive the ICC certification. Every step of the manufacturing process is monitored, and records are audited on a quarterly basis. As a part of our dedication to quality control in the manufacturing of our products, all of our welders have the American Welding Society certification. If you are a contractor, architect or engineer looking for foundation support solutions for your next project, you can count on the patented products from Cantsink.

Connect with Cantsink

We trust that our manufacturing process will get the right products in your hands as soon as possible.

Our Facilities are
Net-Zero Energy

The protection of our environment is paramount.

The engineers at Cantsink are confident that our 100 percent American steel helical piers and other patented new building and deep foundation construction solutions will meet the needs of your current or future residential and commercial projects. We are confident that our products are designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards in the building industry.

Expertise and innovation have made Cantsink a trusted provider of helical piles, piers, anchors and more for 35 years. We are also a leader in the growing solar industry since 2013.

Cantsink Solar Panels on upper level plant

Company History


Cantsink estimate for residential home

Patrick Hutchinson built and serviced 700+ homes

Originally founded as H&H Construction, Patrick Hutchinson saw the unmet need for ongoing structural and foundation repair.


Cantsink founder Patrick Hutchinson

Patrick Hutchinson founded Cantsink

He was dedicated to bringing his proven experience in lasting foundation stability to the construction industry. 


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Opened manufacturing facility.

With the facility in operation, the company focused on fast turnaround for orders on its patented helical piles and a range of accessories.


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Solar Energy

The installation of solar generating arrays at both its headquarters and manufacturing facility made Cantsink a net zero operation.


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Expansion of 2007 facility

This added 60,000 square feet to its manufacturing and storage capacity.

Proud to be 
Associated With

Relationships formed early in the company's history have continued into the present. These relationships include some of the most respected residential and commercial builders - such as Trammell Crow Construction and Skanska USA - as well as many professionals, notable companies and institutions such as Georgia Power, MEAG Power, local and federal government entities.