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Founded in 1988, Cantsink makes helical piles and other foundation support products for new construction as well as remediation for existing structures. From the beginning, the Cantsink team has been focused on creating a sustainable built environment, one that endures safely over time despite changing conditions above and below ground. Sustainability isn't just how we do our jobs and make our products, it's fundamental to who we are as a company.

Secure foundations are essential to the sustainability of the built environment. Cantsink's focus on foundation stability makes our attention to sustainability a natural part of everything we make and everything we do. From our energy resources to our product design to our process and our workforce, Cantsink is committed to operating our business for the long-term health of our community. We help create a built environment that remains safe and useful over time, even in a changing climate.

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Sustainability Overview

Our commitment to sustainability has been the hallmark of our company since its inception.


Patrick Hutchinson

Cantsink Founded

First known as H&H Construction, Cantsink was founded by Patrick Hutchinson. He was dedicated to bringing his proven experience in lasting foundation stability to the metro Atlanta construction industry.


Water wall outside the National Center for Civil and Human Rights

Building a Reputation

Increasingly versatile in its applications, Cantsink’s reputation for quality and guaranteed results inspired a wide range of projects, including support for some of the region’s most visible landmarks, such as the distinctive water wall outside the National Center for Civil and Human Rights in downtown Atlanta.


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Moved to Lilburn

The company moved its headquarters to the Lilburn community just north of Atlanta. This location continues to serve the company as its base of operations.


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Engineering Support

The company hired its first in-house engineer and began designing its own piles for use in foundation stability.


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Patented Designs

Cantsink received its patent for the hexagon-shaped helix, which adds greater capacity and is a more cost-effective design than competitors’ circular products.


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Solar Facilities

Cantsink converted its entire operation to solar power with the installation of solar generation facilities at its headquarters and manufacturing facility. 


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Net-Zero Operation

Cantsink became a net-zero energy operation and created a manufacturing process with its patented helix design that reduces waste in its fabrication.


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Entered Solar Market

Cantsink entered the solar market and its presence has grown ever since, putting it on Solar Power World’s list of Top Solar Contractors every year.


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First Production Certificate (ICC)

Cantsink received its first product certification from the ICC after rigorous performance testing. Since then, a range of Cantsink products have been tested and granted certification as the company has continued to uphold its strong reputation for product excellence and customer service.


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Creation of AC358

Hutchinson and his team established the process of creating AC358, a set of performance standards for helical piles contained in a globally recognized business code.


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Brilliant Rack

Cantsink became a leading supplier of stability equipment and racking products to the solar industry, chartering a subsidiary, Brilliant Rack, to serve the needs of the growing solar industry.


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Expanded Facility

Cantsink expanded its manufacturing facility, including an additional 238 kW solar energy system to keep its operation net-zero.


Creation of Centric

Over the years, the growing importance of storage to solar effectiveness has created a unique need in the sector for Cantsink support products, such as Centric.

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The employees, designers and engineers at Cantsink believe in the sustainability of our processes for the benefit of our community. This is important to us, and it is the foundation of everything we do at Cantsink. The production of our 100 percent American steel patented helical piles and anchors at our Metro Atlanta manufacturing facility is conducted with sustainability as the focus. Our manufacturing plant and office areas utilize solar power and are net-zero energy facilities, which keeps the health of our local community at the forefront of our operations.

Our team, from the designers to the engineers to the office staff, believe in sustainable processes that will continue long term, even in a changing climate. Conditions above and below ground can and will change, but that does not change our fundamental focus on maintaining sustainable processes for the benefit of our clients, our community, and our environment. Cantsink is an industry leader in more than just our helical pile and anchor products. Our commitment to sustainability is the hallmark of who we are as a company. Contact us today for more information on how we are dedicated to our community and the environment.