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deck with porch supported by helical piles

Porches & Decks

A Level Porch or Deck Makes a Great First Impression for your Home


Settling and cracking of decks and porches can result from poor soil conditions, loose fill or drainage problems causing:

  • Uneven floors
  • Separation from home's exterior or steps
  • Sagging rails and columns
  • Shifting deck
a brick wall with a metal railing


  • Poor drainage around the porch or deck
  • Inadequate soil under or around the porch or deck
  • Tree roots growing or deteriorating
a pair of black stones


Whatever the cause, Cantsink experts can customize a solution that will restore the structure to level alignment and stabilize it for the life of the structure. Engineered specifically to address each customer's conditions, Cantsink's ICC-approved, patented helical piers can be installed quickly and with minimal disruption to surrounding landscaping. Steel piers from Cantsink are virtually undetectable once placed.
  • Cantsink expert analysis to diagnose the problem
  • Expert installation of patented Cantsink helical piles restore the porch or deck to lasting alignment and stability
  • Porches and Decks are similar to foundations in that we will permanently stabilize the damaged structure
  • Installation is non-invasive and non-disturbing of personal property and landscaping.
a fire pit with a fire pit
a brick wall with a fence before
a brick walkway with a fence after

Before & After

The first thing neighbors or visitors see about a home is the front porch. Its condition sets the tone for the home's overall visual effect. A sinking porch or unleveled deck may separate from the rest of the house producing large cracks between the porch/deck floor and the exterior wall. An uneven floor or steps that are wavy or buckled might also indicate shifting soil under the porch. Left uncorrected, these problems can become hazardous.

Manufactured in Cantsink's Metro Atlanta net-zero energy facility using 100% U.S. steel, Cantsink helical piers will restore your porch to level alignment guaranteed to last. Cantsink's special design makes our helical piers 50 percent stronger than any other steel piers on the market. Make sure your home's first impression is the right one with Cantsink.

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