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Permanent Foundation Stability Protects Your Home’s Value


Improperly compacted backfill soils under the house can create conditions that undermine the foundation. Homes close to bodies of water such as lakes, streams or rivers also are at particular risk.

  • Diagonal or Vertical cracks in basement walls
  • Water incursion from outside
  • Uneven floors
  • Ground erosion under the foundation
  • Visible gaps between foundation and the ground
  • Visible Depressions in or near the Foundation
  • Differences in ground height between one side of the foundation and the other
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Cantsink's experts assess the damage through a property inspection. They can identify the trouble spots and recommend a permanent, cost-effective solution. Then, Cantsink engineers devise a custom concrete lifting plan using patented helical piers that stabilize the foundation, lift and secure it and keep it sound for decades. Trusted and endorsed by building professionals, Cantsink's ICC-ES approved helical piers are minimally disruptive to landscaping around your foundation.

  • Free estimate by Cantsink experts
  • Analysis of relevant conditions including soil, water/moisture, etc.
  • Custom design from Cantsink engineers
  • Expert installation
  • Cantsink helical piers restore the foundation to lasting stability
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a brick patio with a toilet before
a toilet on a brick patio after

Before & After

Cracks in foundation cement and interior drywall, uneven floors and doors or window that unevenly in the frame indicate foundation settling that will get worse if not corrected. These problems may appear slowly, or develop suddenly in the wake of a rainy season. Water patterns that builders didn't detect during construction could wash away protective layers of soil around or under the house allowing intrusion that causes the foundation to sink.

Cantsink helical piers level and stabilize homes of every age and size, protecting property value with easy, economical repairs guaranteed to last. The important thing to know is you can stop the sinking and restore the house to structural alignment for good with just one call to Cantsink.

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