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Why We Are


Why We Are

More than just a company making, selling and installing helical piers, Cantsink is Metro Atlanta's oldest and most trusted foundation repair team. Patented helical piers that are 50% stronger than any other product on the market and a team of engineers dedicated to creating lasting, customized solutions for foundation stability and repair earn our impeccable reputation on every job. Cantsink offers discreet, accurate, cost-effective foundation diagnosis and repair that levels and stabilizes sinking structures, providing lifetime support and protecting value.

Our company makes a range of products from 100% American steel and our engineers and contractors have decades of experience in solving foundation problems. Cantsink products have been subjected to rigorous testing by the independent International Code Council and certified to provide lifetime support for foundations and more. Our team of experienced, qualified engineers makes sure that the right products are installed in the right locations and provide maximum support with the least intrusion. With engineered solutions, every customer gets the most cost-effective remedy with the least disruption during installation.

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Patented Products

The patented helix of Cantsink steel piers features its specially fabricated design with a unique helix plate at the lower end of the 2 7/8” steel shaft that is easy to install and virtually undetectable once placed. Cantsink’s special design not only makes these helical piers 50% stronger than any other steel piers on the market, it also makes the installation process more environmentally responsible. Cantsink’s net-zero manufacturing process assures the quality of its product while reducing its cost. All Cantsink products are made with 100% U.S. steel.

The ICC-certified Cantsink Helical Pier Foundation System includes the helical section, consisting of a steel tube with factory-welded helical plates that advance the shaft into the soil as it rotates. Once the helical pier is placed and adjusted to the proper tension, it is attached to a bracket that braces the foundation, transferring the structural support to the suitable soil deeper below ground.

The International Code Council

The ICC is an independent, member-focused association dedicated to developing model codes and standards used in the design, build and compliance process to construct safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient structures. After rigorous testing, the ICC certified 36 Cantsink helical piers after determining they provide the lasting foundation support promised. This evaluation included compliance with U.S. and International building codes. ICC compliance assures product safety and lasting integrity. Its standards are recognized and employed by building codes in all 50 states as well as an increasing number of cities and counties throughout the nation.

Environmental Sustainability

Manufactured here in Metro Atlanta in Cantsink's net-zero fabrication facility, our helical piers are minimally disruptive to plant life, undetectable once installed and involve no harmful chemicals or processes. Contact us today for more information on how we are dedicated to our community and the environment.

Protect Your Biggest 

For many people, their home is their largest investment. And for everyone, that investment includes the care they put into making their home safe and attractive.

A home is only as sound as the foundation that supports it. No matter what the size or age of a house may be, foundation settling, shifting soil and changing weather patterns can disrupt its alignment and stability.

Signs of distress include vertical cracks in basement walls and drywall upstairs, doors and windows that stick in the frames, floors that sag or tilt, and steps that buckle or separate. Left unaddressed, these problems will only intensify and erode the home’s potential resale value. The longer foundation problems are allowed to continue, the more costly the damage.

Cantsink offers discreet, accurate, cost-effective foundation diagnosis and repair that levels and stabilizes sinking structures, providing lifetime support and protecting value. With patented helical piers that are 50% stronger than other brands and environmentally friendly, Cantsink protects property value with easy, economical repairs. Better yet, Cantsink repairs are accomplished quickly with minimal disruption to surrounding landscaping.

In many cases, Cantsink foundation solutions can be covered by homeowners’ insurance. Cantsink experts can provide information for your claim once coverage eligibility is established.