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Keep Pools and Patios on the Level

Helical pile pool support

Signs of 
Pool Damage

How can you tell if your pool is showing signs of distress that need to be addressed before damage becomes serious? Here are four signs:
  1. Visible cracks appear in the lining of the pool, especially if they seem to lengthen or widen over time.
  2. The water level diminishes quickly, faster than evaporation or splashing would cause.
  3. Water quality deteriorates.
  4. The surface of the pool patio is buckled or cracked.

If any of these signs are present, Cantsink experts can evaluate the pool's stability and customize a solution that will prevent any further damage.


Homeowners want to be sure their swimming pools and pool patios are as safe, efficient and as attractive as their house. The weight of concrete and water can cause shifting and compacting in soils under and around the pool.

  • Cracking pool wall
  • Water leaks
  • Contaminant incursion from seeping through cracks
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Without proper support with Cantsink helical piers, this shifting creates cracks in the pool lining and uneven surfaces around it. Unaddressed, the cracks will become large enough to create water leaks where contamination can enter the water more easily. Uneven pool patios are unsightly and potentially hazardous.

  • Heavy concrete and infrastructure in and around swimming pools
  • Soft or porous soils underneath the pool
  • Uncontrolled drainage around and under the pool
  • A sign of settlement issue can be seen in the tile line/border
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