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House with chimney

Chimney Foundation

Sturdy chimneys help keep a home’s roof and walls secure


Chimneys are highly vulnerable to shifting soil and changes in weather and terrain conditions. Their vertical structure and semi-detached relationship to a home's support system put them at risk of destabilization over time. However, not all leaning chimneys are caused by foundational issues.*

  • Leaning chimney (away from house)
  • Roof leaks around the chimney
  • Misaligned chimney blocks
  • Mortar loss
  • Separation between chimney and exterior wall

*Cantsink fixes chimney problems directly related to foundational issues.
a brick wall with a pipe


Sinking, unbalanced chimneys pose many hazards to the structural integrity of a house. A chimney leaning away from your house can create costly roof leaks and exterior wall openings that offer opportunity for pest invasion. It also can create a fire hazard from sparks that escape through chimney cracks. If signs of instability are left unaddressed, a chimney can collapse entirely and cause serious property damage.

  • Unstable soil under chimneys
  • Water incursion under or around chimneys
  • Inadequate or changing structural composition under or around the chimney
Brick chimney repair


Cantsink's patented helical piers are the best, most cost-effective solution for a weak chimney foundation. Quickly and easily installed, they will return the chimney to level stability and keep it secure for the life of the home.

  • Cantsink expert analysis to diagnose problems with chimneys
  • Expert installation of patented Cantsink helical piers restore the chimney to lasting stability

a chimney wit helical support

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