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Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls Need the Right Support to Resist Pressure and Moisture


Retaining walls serve a dual purpose in landscape design, one decorative and the other functional. However, retaining walls are especially vulnerable to shifting soils and water infiltration, which undermines their stability and ultimately causes the walls to disintegrate. Especially on steep lots and areas around rivers, streams and lakes, retaining walls frame landscape display and, protect water quality.

  • Bulging, crumbling or collapse causing erosion and landscape disruption


Most retaining walls are built with blocks that mirror or complement the character of the home and surrounding property accents. They provide attractive visual enhancement for landscape features, but also are important to preventing erosion and holding soil in place for landscaping.

  • Pressure from soil behind the wall
  • Sinking soil under the wall
  • Tree roots under or behind the wall
  • Moisture from inadequate drainage
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Helical Retaining Walls Support Soil Pressure

Firm foundation support with Cantsink helical piers is important to creating retaining walls that stay level and intact. Cantsink's engineers can design proper support that will withstand soil pressure behind the retaining wall and shifts underneath it. They know exactly what will make a wall secure and durable using patented helical piles that install underneath retaining wall blocks for invisible reinforcement.

a construction site with a fence
collapsing earth wall before
Cantsink helical piles retaining wall after


Cantink's helical piles restore failing walls to strength and alignment. Installation causes minimal disturbance to landscaping. Once in place, homeowners can be assured of strength and beauty that will protect their property values for many years in the future.

  • Cantsink expert analysis to diagnose the problem
  • Custom design by Cantsink engineers for installation of helical pier supports or anchors
  • We will strengthen the integrity of the wall by using tie back application and/or Cantsink helical piers to underpin the settling or leaning wall.

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