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Cantsink Celebrates 30 Years of Foundation Expertise and Innovation

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Cantsink Celebrates 30 Years of Foundation Expertise and Innovation

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Atlanta, GA –  Cantsink is celebrating its 30th year in 2018 as a trusted partner for foundation support in the construction industry by expanding its Metro Atlanta manufacturing facility.

Since its founding in 1988, Cantsink has supplied the construction industry with foundation stability products, expertise and service. Built on its firm reputation for cost-effective quality and customer satisfaction, Cantsink created and has continuously enhanced its line of patented helical piles. For delivery of quality installation techniques for foundation repair, excellent customer service, and lasting stability, Cantsink’s reputation is unsurpassed.

With a team of professionals that includes general contractors and engineers, Cantsink has installed almost three million feet of helical piers. That’s enough to stretch from its Atlanta, GA, headquarters to Indianapolis, IN, laid end-to-end. Cantsink professionals have combined experience of more than 100 years in foundation repair and stabilization to apply to every site.

Now, Cantsink is poised to speed delivery of its high-quality products resulting from expanded production capacity. The newly expanded facility, completed in March, adds 60,000 square feet and new manufacturing equipment to Cantsink’s manufacturing and storage capability.

Cantsink Founder Patrick Hutchinson continues to lead the company as it grows to keep up with new applications for its products and maintain its record for quick turnaround on orders.

“I’m proud of the talented, dedicated team around me and thankful for the niche we’ve created in the construction industry for the products we’ve designed, patented and certified over the years,” Hutchinson said. “Our ongoing relationships with builders close to our Metro Atlanta home and far beyond reflect Cantsink’s commitment to excellence in every project.”

Over three decades, Cantsink has become an industry leader with the widest variety of helical piles on the market certified by the International Code Council. The ICC, an independent, member-focused association dedicated to developing model codes and standards, tests and verifies building products to ensure they meet the highest standards for performance.

Cantsink’s innovative design means its line of helical piles, made from 100% U.S.-made steel, includes the largest certified helix sizes in the market. Plus, Cantsink’s commitment to value doesn’t stop with the best products, expertise and customer service in the foundation industry. The Cantsink operation has been net-zero energy since 2010 and the patented design of Cantsink products creates less waste while producing a stronger helix.

Through this commitment, Cantsink has developed a strong presence in the growing market for solar energy. Not only are Cantsink’s support products ideal for maintaining the long-term stability of ground-mounted solar arrays, but Cantsink now manufactures racking systems, too. Solar racking from Cantsink is sold through its Brilliant Rack brand.

Whatever the stability or anchoring need, Cantsink makes a perfect product for the purpose and site conditions.  Cantsink’s dedication to high-quality products, excellent customer service, and ongoing innovation continues as the company looks forward to its next 30 years of service to the construction industry.

For more information or to talk to a Cantsink expert, visit www.cantsink.com.


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