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Applications for Helical Piles & Piers

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Applications for Helical Piles & Piers

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Every building project is different, and that means they most often need unique but robust configurations of structural support. Many factors can come into play when determining the most appropriate method for foundation repair and whether a helical pile or pier would be most effective. Let’s discuss a few of the many applications for helical piles and piers.

Foundation support for new building construction is probably the first application that naturally springs to mind, and you would be correct! Helical pile and pier systems from Cantsink are certainly the most dependable, high-quality options available for new building construction, while still being budget friendly. A strong and stable foundation is the most important thing to establish during a new construction project.

While new building construction is certainly a popular application for helical piles and piers, these methods are also useful for supporting existing structures. Older buildings can experience foundation failure for a variety of reasons, including settling soil and erosion. Standing water from damaged or inadequate plumbing can create unstable soil. Flooding and oversaturated conditions can even cause houses and other structures with deteriorating or improperly built foundations to sink into the ground. Helical piles and piers for structural remediation and home elevation are quick to install with a minimally invasive procedure. The installation process is incredibly easy and does not add further stress to the foundation. Helical piers won’t heave, sink, or even remotely budge in wet or dry soils.

An equally common but lesser known application for helical piers is for the construction of swimming pools. Cantsink’s helical piers use 100% American steel in their construction, making them the ideal choice for swimming pool stabilization. The pressure of an entire swimming pool full of water can create movement and concrete cracking without a strong, secure, and stable foundation. Helical piers will continue doing their job long after installation, remaining inconspicuous—something we consider an added bonus. It’s reassuring to know these hidden support products are doing their job while you’re enjoying the beauty and serenity of your pool area.

From its commitment as an “early adopter” of solar for its net-zero-energy manufacturing facility in 2010, Cantsink has grown with the solar market.

Cantsink built a versatile line of stability products and services essential to successful utility-scale solar projects drawing on its own good experience with solar. These Cantsink offerings have evolved with the expanding solar market for the past decade. Solar developers and installers nationwide can employ Cantsink’s expertise with solar supplies and services for reliable construction groundwork.

The company offers support services such as pull testing, analysis, and engineering to assist with site preparation. Once specifications for the site are established, Cantsink can supply top quality beams and other products, ensuring long-term stability for all types of racking and panel design.

Cantsink is the stability expert, having focused exclusively on structural stability since its inception more than 30 years ago. The company has been on Solar Power World’s list of Top Solar Contractors since 2013, rising steadily through the rankings over the years.

Cantsink offers beams, testing, and engineered analysis of tests to be sure each project uses the correct size beam for long-term performance.

Cantsink has provided equipment and services to many satisfied clients in the solar industry. One project manager, Doug Merrill, who worked with Cantsink on a North Carolina project, praised Cantsink’s high-quality service and value.

“In all email exchanges, conference call interfaces, and face-to-face experience with Cantsink, [it] has been the best I have been a part of in my 30 years of field construction,” Merrill said. “Cantsink is fast, responsive, and 30 percent cheaper than any other solution we explored. A total win/win.”

With time-tested knowledge, experience, equipment, and crews, Cantsink proudly serves the utility-scale solar market. A decade of hands-on performance makes Cantsink products and services the reliable choice for successful solar project operation.

Cantsink’s quality testing and analysis can help to ensure the right beams are being used for the specific soils on each site.

Contact Cantsink today to learn more about the company’s products and services for utility-scale solar.


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