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Build it Right the First Time with Cantsink Helical Piers

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Build it Right the First Time with Cantsink Helical Piers

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The old adage "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" applies as much to good construction as to good health.

With extreme weather events increasing in frequency and construction codes around the nation changing to meet the challenges these events create for many areas, Cantsink's patented helical piers are proving to be the best choice for foundation support. Construction with the lasting support of Cantsink helical piers not only retains beauty and value through the years, it resists the effects of flooding, soil saturation and erosion.

Cantsink's patented helix design not only provides top stabilization performance, installation is fast and cost-effective. Time is money in the construction business and Cantsink helical piers need no curing period. They can be installed through standing water on the site. Once installed, they provide permanent stability for any structure.

Storm and tidal surges, high winds, and soaking rains intensify natural climate conditions in water-adjacent localities, requiring sound foundation elements resistant to the effects of punishing conditions. After devastating property loss from powerful storms in recent years, some U.S. states are updating their building codes with the lessons learned from these events.

2018 set a national record for rainfall in the U.S. with particularly notable totals in many parts of the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. Hurricane Florence contributed significantly to a total of 102 inches of rainfall around the coastal city of Wilmington, NC. Flooding in that region caused as much as $50 billion in property damage. Flooding after heavy rains also created havoc in parts of Maryland last year, causing an estimated $22.4 million in property damage. Atlanta, GA, experienced its second-highest rainfall total in 2018 with over 71 inches through the year.

Many businesses and homeowners remain at risk for devastating losses if preventive structural elevations and adequate reinforcements are overlooked.

Helical piers can be used in restoration following flooding or extreme weather, or as a preventive measure for structures in a vulnerable location. They offer a cost-effective solution for lasting structural stability in harsh environments.

Cantsink helical piers are ideal for remedial work under foundations and other structures that are sinking or losing alignment. They can help property owners address new elevation requirements as building codes and flood zone maps change, as well as being instrumental in storm recovery. However, the best investment is construction that begins with proven protection.

With a newly expanded manufacturing facility and storage capability, Cantsink is poised to turn orders around quickly. Cantsink experts provide top quality customer service and our patented helical piers are tested and certified by the International Code Council.

The ICC is an independent, member-focused association dedicated to developing model codes and standards used to construct safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient structures. This means an independent organization has verified the quality and performance of specific Cantsink products.

Manufactured in Metro Atlanta from 100% U.S. steel, Cantsink helical piers are created in the company's net-zero energy facility using solar. Cantsink's mission - supporting innovation - has inspired the versatile applicability and evolving effectiveness of its products. Even though construction needs, materials and methods change, Cantsink helical piers continually demonstrate their ongoing durability and adaptability.

Whatever the structural needs of the project may be - foundations, retaining walls, pools, decks, patios, porches or decorative landscape features - start with the installation of Cantsink helical piers. It's the effective way to ensure long-term stability, ongoing performance and lasting value for the finished product.

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