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Cantsink Helical Piers are Ideal for Remediation of Stability Issues in Existing Structures

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Cantsink Helical Piers are Ideal for Remediation of Stability Issues in Existing Structures

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The 2020 storm season is already setting records, and communities all over the U.S. are facing structural recovery from storm damage.

Cantsink helical piers and piles have long been applied to restoring structural foundation stability to buildings and other structures disrupted by flooding and storm-water runoff. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Cantsink was among the approved solutions to help Northeastern communities recover from its devastation.

More recently, Cantsink’s certified products have been deployed in numerous coastal communities to increase elevation and structural foundation stability for buildings that are newly at risk for flood damage.

In coastal North Carolina, for example, the historic Davis Free Will Baptist Church hired Progressive Construction, a Cantsink-certified installer, to elevate its sanctuary and adjacent facilities after they were repeatedly damaged by flooding. Not only did the crew use Cantsink products to lift and stabilize some 300,000 pounds of footings for the project, but the work was also completed during rainy weather with a water table just four inches below ground.

At completion, the structure was elevated by three feet, preserving it as a local landmark for future generations to enjoy.

Similarly, Cantsink products elevated the sinking area of a commercial gym in North Georgia damaged by a nearby stream diversion culvert that collapsed after heavy rains. Despite rainy conditions, work proceeded quickly and the gym was allowed to reopen, averting prolonged revenue losses.

Manufactured from 100 percent recycled U.S. steel, Cantsink helical piers and piles are made in the company’s net-zero-energy Metro Atlanta facility from a patented design that produces less waste. Cantsink products also are tested and certified for performance in accordance with standards established by the International Code Council, an independent, member-focused association that developed performance standards for building products.

Cantsink welcomes building professionals who want to join its national network of certified installers. All installers receive free, hands-on training at Cantsink headquarters and ongoing support from company experts.

Company engineers also work with project architects and engineers. Company professionals can offer tips on the most effective strategy for permanent stabilization using its patented helical piers, piles. and other products. Cantsink’s extensive product inventory offers an effective solution for nearly any type of soil or weather conditions.

The company also provides a fast turnaround on orders.

To learn more about the benefits and versatile applications of helical piers and piles for permanent structural stability, sign up for Cantsink’s accredited webinars. Building professionals can receive AIA and NCSEA continuing education credits for participating. Individual companies can schedule special “Lunch and Learn” presentations for their employees.

Call Cantsink today to find out more about how both new and remedial projects can benefit from its cost-effective helical piers and piles.