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Cantsink Helical Piers Prep Pools for Long Summer Days of Fun

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Cantsink Helical Piers Prep Pools for Long Summer Days of Fun

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While Spring breezes blow and emerging buds give way to blossoms, backyard pools are transitioning, too, from the cold winter’s freezing temperatures. Proper pool support is essential to ensuring that the summer fun goes uninterrupted .

  Now is the time to inspect pools and pool patios for signs of damage from the expansion, shrinking and settling that can compromise the stability of the pool surface & pool support. Soaking Spring rains also may undermine soils surrounding a pool. Softened, shifting soil allows these heavy surfaces to sink unevenly. Pools in areas near bodies of water such as lakes and rivers are especially susceptible to instability in saturated soil, which often results in settling or cracking.

  Cantsink’s patented helical piers provide lasting, cost-effective stability for weighty pool surfaces. Easy to install and virtually undetectable once placed, Cantsink helical piers offer permanent peace of mind for decades of family summer fun.

  Freezing and thawing soils under and around the pool during the winter can cause the concrete surfaces to settle unevenly, putting pressure on the pool surfaces that causes cracks. When the pool is filled, adding even more weight, water seeps through the cracks, eroding them further.

  Ultimately, this means water loss. The damage can even allow contaminants to enter pool water if the cracks become large and deep enough to open a pathway to surrounding soil.

  Settling also causes pool patios to buckle unevenly, creating a tripping hazard and disrupting the placement of poolside furnishings.

  Homeowners who see signs of cracking or settling in their pool area should contact Cantsink right away. Call or click to schedule an appointment with a Cantsink expert. Initial inspection can begin the process of designing a customized solution that will provide optimal pool support to stabilize the pool and prevent additional damage. Making the call now will ensure the pool is ready for summer fun for years to come.

  Cantsink helical piers are manufactured locally in a net-zero-energy facility from 100% U.S. steel. Tested and certified for performance by the International Code Council, an independent, member-focused association dedicated to developing model codes and standards, Cantsink helical piers provide stability solutions for nearly any soil type or climate conditions. Products from Cantsink are 50% stronger than any other helical piers on the market because of their patented design.

  Now celebrating its 30th year in business, Cantsink offers decades of experience in stabilizing existing structures and establishing lasting stability for pools, pool decks, homes or other structures. Whatever the problem with sinking or shifting, Cantsink helical piers offer a cost-effective solution. Cantsink has the widest variety of certified helical products on the market.

  Don’t wait until summer temperatures soar. Call Cantsink now and be ready for fun by the pool as soon as they arrive.