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Cantsink Helical Piers Support Resilience with Solar plus Storage

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Cantsink Helical Piers Support Resilience with Solar plus Storage

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Hot off the presses, a new report on five Southeastern cities shows solar+storage provides the optimal resilience during extreme weather events, and provides year-round energy benefits.

A partnership of nonprofits spearheaded by the Clean Energy Group commissioned the study conducted by the GreenLink Group of Atlanta. Other partners in the study included the Alliance for Affordable Energy, Catalyst Miami, Energy and Policy Institute, the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Southface Institute, and Upstate Forever.

The GreenLink Group studied five cities where extreme weather events have prompted power failures that left vulnerable populations at risk, locations such as hospitals, nursing homes and fire stations. The study included Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans, Charleston, SC, and Wilmington, NC.

In every location studied, research showed solar+storage to be a cost-effective solution, superior to traditional backup power technologies such as gas-powered generators.

Read more about the study here: https://bit.ly/2GVrDa2

Cantsink’s patented helical piers have proven to be an important component in solar+storage systems, providing critical underground support that keeps heavy equipment pads stabilized and level in any conditions. Our 100% U.S. steel helical piers offer a simple, cost-effective, elegantly stable solution to the increasing demands solar+storage adds to the equipment pads in solar installations.

Cantsink support can be found in coastal North Carolina solar farms preventing heavy central inverter and transformer equipment pads stabilized, so that they don’t sink in the soft, saturated soils of the region. As storage comes into wider use, the pads beneath them need even more support below. No helical pier manufacturer has more experience than Cantsink in the evolving needs of solar sites.

And Cantsink has extensive experience in foundation support designed to resist flooding or other storm effects. Cantsink products were used in the recovery effort after Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

To read the full Clean Energy Group report, click here: https://bit.ly/2J8Y1HO

With extreme weather events occurring more frequently and the weight of equipment for solar+storage projects requiring permanent support, Cantsink offers expertise amassed over more than 30 years in the foundation stabilization business. Our products are certified for performance by the International Code Council, an independent, member-focused association dedicated to developing model codes and product quality standards. Plus, Cantsink offers engineering consultation for specialized projects such as these, along with top-notch customer service to ensure the best result.

As the study shows, solar+storage provides an effective hedge against extreme weather while providing everyday benefits to all types of enterprises. When you’re ready to step up to solar+storage, Cantsink helical piers and equipment ensures permanent stability; and we assure you of permanent stability for all of our products elements. Visit our Alternative Energy Support page to learn more or schedule a consultation.