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Cantsink Helical Piles Keep Decks Safe for Summer Fun

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Cantsink Helical Piles Keep Decks Safe for Summer Fun

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Summer evenings are perfect for deck living. Family cookouts, neighborhood potlucks and weekend entertainment make deck life a summer tradition. Ensuring this tradition continues with out a hitch, its imperative to keep decks safe for summer fun.

  Homeowners should make sure their decks are secure, lest the weight of large numbers threaten the stability of this
popular summer hangout. Decks that lean visibly or show other signs of distress such as misaligned stairs and frames call for secure, underground support to return them to proper alignment promptly and keep decks safe.

  Poor soil under the deck may be the cause. Heavy rains that saturate the ground can also undermine decks.

  Whatever the cause or underlying conditions, Cantsink offers the most lasting and cost-effective way to restore a deck to sturdy support. With one click or call, Cantsink will schedule a visit from its expert staff to examine the alignment of your deck and conditions under it to determine if more support is needed. If so, they work with our staff engineers to design a custom remedy to keep your deck on the level.

  Our patented helical piers are the perfect remedy for sagging, sinking decks. With minimal disruption, Cantsink can install lasting support under your deck guaranteed to provide years of safe, happy summer entertainment for your family and friends.

  Cantsink’s ICC-certified, patented, steel helical piers are manufactured supports installed below the ground surface to provide lasting underground reinforcement for deck frames and keep decks safe.

  Our steel piers are specially fabricated with a unique helix plate at the lower end of the 2 7/8” steel shaft that is easy to install and virtually undetectable once placed. Cantsink’s special design not only makes our helical piers 50 percent stronger than any other steel piers on the market, it also makes our process more environmentally responsible.

  We fabricate our products from high-quality, U.S.-made steel in our net-zero energy manufacturing facility in Metro Atlanta. Cantsink helical piers have been verified through the stringent, independent testing process of the International Code Council, which develops safe, reliable building standards for construction in communities worldwide.

  Our products are custom-engineered and adaptable to a wide range of weather and soil conditions.

  Are you thinking of adding a deck to your home? Start right by building it on Cantsink helical piers. Then, enjoy your new amenity with peace of mind, knowing it has the strength to withstand years of constant use and changing weather conditions.

  The stability of Cantsink helical piers also protects your home’s value by keeping structures such as decks safe, aligned and attractive.


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