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Cantsink Helical Piles vs. Pressure Grouting

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Cantsink Helical Piles vs. Pressure Grouting

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Foundation problems can be caused by any number of issues, but homeowners looking for foundation repair solutions list soft soil as the #1 reason. The widespread use of mass grading for building new subdivisions contributes to the growing incidence of soft soil issues.  The good news is better solutions are being developed all the time. The strategies for fixing these issues generally involve one of two approaches: pressure grouting or helical piles.

Pressure grouting is an older process that attempts to address foundation problems by filling generally inaccessible void spaces or pores under a structure’s foundation. Basically, contractors just dump tons of concrete into the ground, hoping to fill gaps.  Theoretically, this method pumps concrete into the ground to reinforce soil or reduce the flow of water through foundation soil.  Pressurized grout material is forced into these void spaces, assuming that the additional volume will help stabilize a compromised foundation.   

Pressure grouting can work in some cases, but it is not an ideal solution to foundation problems. Often, the grout material simply follows the path of least resistance, filling voids in the foundation without improving its stability. Pressure grouting usually requires multiple applications, with no guarantee of filling the voids or stopping the sinking. It requires a commitment to repeated applications while sinking issues continue to worsen and offers no assurance of an ultimate cure.

Cantsink’s Patented Helical Pile System is a customizable long-term solution. Helical Piles also known as Helical Underpinning or Screw Piles are robust piles designed to penetrate deeply under a structure’s foundation through the soft soil into underlying bedrock. The planning and placement of the pile shaft transfers the structural load into the pile(s), reinforcing the foundation for a permanent solution. Because piles can be selected or manufactured for specific circumstances and loads, guaranteed custom and optimal foundation solutions result. Foundation problems always involve a unique set of forces requiring more than the “spray and pray” approach offered by pressure grouting.  Unique load and foundation settlement issues get customized scientific solutions with our helical piles.

Helical Pile installation is more cost effective and environmentally friendly than Pressure Grouting, too. Among the commonly referenced advantages of Helical Pile Systems are shorter project times, ease of installation, accessibility, carbon footprint reduction, ease of removal, reduced job injury risk, and lower costs.  

In order to ensure the right solution for every foundation repair, consult a qualified contractor who specializes in foundation repair. A trained expert can evaluate the need and recommend the most efficient and effective solution.