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Cement Cracks and Other Signs of a Sinking Foundation

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Cement Cracks and Other Signs of a Sinking Foundation

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The signs of a sinking foundation can be subtle at first: doors that are hard to open and close, windows that won’t open all the way, or diagonal hairline cracks along interior drywall.

   Some homeowners shrug these symptoms off as weather-related or temporary. Although weather can affect foundation stability, these effects endure and permanently alter a home’s structural integrity.

  Eventually, more serious signs emerge, such as fissures in the foundation wall, cracked or crumbling cement, sagging or uneven floors and porch steps that tilt or split apart. These signs are harder to ignore and may be dangerous if they are not remedied.

   Outdoor structures also suffer from settling soil in the ground underneath them. Allowing these problems to continue unresolved can lead to dangerous conditions or unsightly surroundings that affect a home’s market value.

  Decks, in particular, are vulnerable to changing soil conditions. Unsupported wooden decks may shift and tilt, causing boards to bulge, nails to pop up, and joints to separate. Left unaddressed over time, a settling deck may collapse under heavy weight such as an outdoor party or family cookout.

  Swimming pools and pool patios are subject to foundation settling caused by freezing ground in the winter. The weight of concrete in and around the pool added to the weight of water when the pool is full brings out the worst attributes of poor or shifting soil conditions. Hairline cracks in pool cement can affect the pool’s water quality.

  If water quality in the pool seems to require more and more treatment or the water level requires frequent adjustment, the cement should be checked for cracks.

  Similarly, fluctuating soil conditions under pool patios are caused by freezing and thawing as seasons change. Over time, the patio surface may become uneven and cracked in ways that look uninviting or even disrupt the arrangement of poolside décor.

  Other landscape features such as retaining walls, patios and gazebos also can settle and shift. This affects their alignment, aesthetic appeal and value. Cracked or crumbling retaining walls can result in garden soil erosion as well. Misaligned landscape features due to a sinking foundation can diminish resale value and make outdoor living less inviting.

  Cantsink helical supports help correct these problems and protect a sinking foundation against further damage.

  Cantsink’s customized solutions offer discreet, accurate, cost-effective foundation repair that levels and stabilizes sinking structures and guarantees support that lasts a lifetime. With patented products engineered to specific soil and climate conditions, Cantsink protects property value with easy, economical repairs. With Cantsink, repairs are accomplished with minimal disruption to surrounding landscaping.

  Once Cantsink’s easily installed helical piers are in place well below ground and the installation crew is gone, only the homeowner will know the lasting protection is there. Call Cantsink at 678-280-7453 or Contact Us to schedule a free home inspection and find out what Cantsink can do to stabilize and protect a sinking foundation, decks, pools and other landscape features.

  Cantsink’s trained and experienced professionals will assess the level of damage, devise an economical solution and guarantee the result. With answers to a sinking foundation that are easy to understand, there’s no reason to wait.


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