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Chilling by the Pool This Summer Starts with a Cantsink Christmas

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Chilling by the Pool This Summer Starts with a Cantsink Christmas

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Creating your perfect backyard pool for summer fun starts with making sure the weight of concrete and water don’t make the backyard resort you envisioned during the holidays into an unexpected misadventure. Turn your holiday into a perfect one with a Cantsink Christmas.

Cantsink pool prep

Built right from the ground up, the swimming pool you commissioned at Christmas can be your family’s entertainment center all summer. Building a pool for the summer, however, means planning and construction while you’re staying warm indoors.

Constructing a pool that’s secure and stable year after year means including deep underground support that prevents sinking or shifting through weather and seasonal changes. When summer storms turn to white Christmases followed by April showers, secure underground support for your pool is essential to preserving its stability.

Cantsink’s patented helical piers are the easy, cost-effective way to ensure that your pool and pool patio remain level. Our experts can work with builders to design and install custom support tailored to any soil or landscape.

Plus, Cantsink helical piers are guaranteed to resist changing weather conditions, from soaking July thunderstorms to winter freezes and slushy Spring thaws. Cantsink helical piers are manufactured in Georgia using 100% U.S. steel. Their patented design makes Cantsink piers 50% stronger than other helical piers on the market.

The heft of concrete and water can cause shifting and compacting in soils under and around the pool. In turn, that creates cracks in the pool lining and uneven surfaces around it. Once the cracks become large enough, water will leak from the pool and contamination can enter the water more easily. Uneven pool patios are unsightly and potentially hazardous.

Preventing these problems is easy with Cantsink helical piers. They are the right stability solution for any type of structure from home foundations to outbuildings, landscape features and retaining walls. Cantsink’s customized engineering protects any structure from the elements that cause structural sinking, shifting or cracking. Cantsink support means construction that is designed to last.

Creating secure structural support with underpinning since 1988, Cantsink guarantees its products. Designers and builders throughout Metro Atlanta have come to trust Cantsink to protect the ongoing beauty and value of their creations.

So, as you wrap up Christmas pool planning, be sure Cantsink is part of the package.