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Chimney Stabilization

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Chimney Stabilization

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Chimney Stabilization and Support by Cantsink Provides Fireside Security in Winter Weather

Metro Atlanta families love to gather around a cozy fire in the living room or den during the cold winter months.

But those happy memories can be marred by an unstable chimney. A chimney that leans, cracks or separates from the house poses a danger of serious structural damage if left unaddressed and chimney stabilization in question.

In addition to its unsightly appearance, the cracks and separation created by a failing chimney allow moisture to seep into a home’s interior spaces. An unstable chimney creates roof leaks. Water intrusion into walls from chimney separation can lead to rot in structural beams and struts. Chimney deterioration also can damage the chimney lining and affect overall chimney stabilization.

Mortar loss from a crumbling chimney creates openings. These openings offer opportunities for pests to enter the home’s interior spaces. Escaping sparks that can escape through cracks in liners and lost mortar between bricks pose a fire hazard. Left unaddressed, an unstable chimney ultimately will collapse, requiring expensive repairs.

Cantsink’s stabilization professionals have extensive experience assessing chimney stability and designing permanent solutions for sinking, leaning or deteriorating chimneys. Now celebrating its 30th year in business, Cantsink offers the widest array of cost-effective steel piers in the market.

Made in Metro Atlanta with 100% American steel, Cantsink’s patented helical piers are certified by the International Code Council, an independent association dedicated to model codes and standards. The ICC has tested Cantsink’s products and confirmed their performance to its requirements.

Discreet underground support from Cantsink helical piers provides chimneys with the necessary chimney stabilization to withstand shifting soil, moisture, freezing temperatures and other destabilizing conditions.

With one call or click, Cantsink professionals will schedule a site visit to assess chimney stability. Then, they can design a customized, efficient solution guaranteed to return the chimney to proper alignment and prevent future damage.

Best of all, Cantsink helical piers can be installed quickly and with minimal disruption to the chimney’s surroundings.

Despite harsh weather, Cantsink provides guaranteed stabilization. Its patented helical piers protect a home and its surroundings from the damaging effects of moisture, soft soil, tree roots and other conditions that undermine structural integrity.

For true peace of mind as the family gathers around the fire this winter, call Cantsink today.