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Get Professional Continuing Ed Credits for Learning More About Helical Piers

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Get Professional Continuing Ed Credits for Learning More About Helical Piers

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Learning about the advantages and versatile applications for Cantsink helical piles can provide continuing education credits before the end of the year.

For building professionals such as architects and engineers, Cantsink offers three webinars on helical piles installation and design that provide continuing education credits through AIA and NCSEA. It’s not just an easy way to get continuing education credits. Cantsink can demonstrate the many benefits of cost-effective helical piles and helical pile installation, and the wide variety of applications for structural support.

The basic course, Helical Piles: Overview, Design Theory, Installation and Application (NCSEA Course No. 190931A), offers an introduction to helical pile design theory, how helical piles work, and their wide variety of applications from temporary shoring to permanent structural stability. Delivered by a qualified engineer, this course will include information on the benefits of these products and case studies demonstrating their effectiveness.

Helical Pile Design, Part I (NCSEA Course No.191131B), delves further into the applications and best practices that make helical piles so versatile and cost-effective. The third course, Design of Helical Piles: Special Topics (NCSEA Course No. 200631A), provides even deeper insight. Details include why these products are especially effective and applicable in waterside areas, where flood zone designations and building codes are changing in response to wetter weather patterns.

Nobody understands the versatile uses and cost-effective benefits of helical pile installations better than Cantsink professionals. Cantsink has been providing the construction industry with stability products for more than 30 years. Over those decades, some of the biggest and most respected names in the construction industry have relied on Cantsink for top-quality products and unsurpassed customer service.

These helical pile installation experts and engineers have successfully grappled with soils, weather conditions, and challenges of every sort in evolving their helical pile products into a range of applications. Tested and certified to the highest performance standards, Cantsink products and the experts who provide them can help building professionals establish lasting, cost-effective stability in the built environment.

Cantsink also provides free helical pile installation training at its company headquarters in Metro Atlanta. With hands-on instruction and ongoing support, Cantsink offers its certified installers opportunities to join its growing network of trusted stability professionals.

Contact Cantsink today to sign up for webinars or training and find out why our products are rapidly becoming the go-to solution for lasting structural stability.