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Repair Cracked Foundations with Cantsink Helical Piles Before Wet Weather Makes Them Worse

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Repair Cracked Foundations with Cantsink Helical Piles Before Wet Weather Makes Them Worse

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If the ravages of the cold winter have created cracks in your home’s foundation, or made existing cracks more pronounced, now is the time to call Cantsink.

  Heavy spring rains can push moisture into foundation cracks that will undermine a home’s structural integrity. Cantsink’s patented helical piles are designed to stabilize sinking foundations and preserve level alignment for decades.

  Vertical foundation cracks larger than 1/4” should be inspected, especially if evidence exists to suggest water is seeping through them from the outside. In the main part of the house, uneven floors, doors or windows that stick in the frame and hairline cracks in drywall also indicate foundation settling.

  Easily installed, Cantsink helical piles bore deep below saturated surface soils to more stable weight-bearing strata far below, arresting foundation instability. So, even when unusually rainy weather creates soil conditions not originally anticipated by the homebuilder, Cantsink’s guaranteed support keeps shifting ground from disrupting structural alignment.

  Made from 100% U.S. steel, our patented designs are certified by the International Code Council, an independent, member-focused association dedicated to developing model codes and standards for performance. With the largest line of ICC-certified helical piles on the market, Cantsink can provide distinctive products to address unique site conditions.

  Cantsink makes a line of cost-effective helical pile products that work for specific soil types or weather patterns. Because no two sites or structures are exactly alike, our products are definitely not one-size-fits-all.

  Once the helical plan is finalized, Cantsink experts can install them quickly with minimal disruption to surrounding landscape. After installation, Cantsink helical piles are virtually undetectable.

  Cantsink has been in the foundation stabilization business for 30 years and is the trusted partner for many builders who know our reputation for quality and customer service. With that much experience, Cantsink can provide the most effective product for any foundation and guarantee customer satisfaction.

  With unusually wet weather characterizing Spring 2022, and an active storm season predicted for later in the year, now is the right time to be sure your foundation is ready to withstand whatever comes. Contact Cantsink today for permanent peace of mind.