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Cantsink Helical Anchors: For Reliable, Cost-Effective Temporary Shoring

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Cantsink Helical Anchors: For Reliable, Cost-Effective Temporary Shoring

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Temporary shoring provides earth retention support to protect construction sites from collapsed excavation or destabilization of surroundings during the process of a project.

The additional support is installed prior to or during excavation using the well-known top-down construction techniques, and is removed once the construction is complete. It is used for support for temporary shoring of trench faces, slopes or excavations to prevent soil movements and prevent soil caving. In many construction sites, the soil excavations required are constrained by limited space (site’s property lines and surrounding buildings), requiring a vertical excavation cut within the construction boundaries and a temporary support, providing protection to safely accomplish the site excavation and improve the development of the construction site.

In deep excavations, anchors are very popular and usually installed to provide additional lateral support for soldier piling and lagging (wood boards) as well as other driven steel sheet temporary retaining walls. Anchored shoring, as the name suggests, provides resistance by driving steel supports deep into the shoring wall. The number of anchors needed depends on the soil type, anchor specification, and the soil loading on the adjacent properties.

The most common types of anchors are concrete mixed grouted steel tendons and helical anchors. As described below, Cantsink helical anchors are more cost- effective and more beneficial than grouted anchors.

Cantsink helical tieback anchors are easily and quickly installed into retained soil using readily available construction equipment and less labor. This method requires no excavation or spoils and no need for dewatering. Cantsink anchors can be a great support for temporary shoring, can be installed in any weather, and can maximize flexibility with changing soil conditions (can be adjusted in the field to meet specified load resistance requirements). They can be removed and reused.

During installation, the measured torque is used to estimate the anchor’s capacity, using the well-known capacity-torque correlation. This quality control measure will ensure more successful load tests on- site, saving time and money. Once the installation is complete, Cantsink anchors can be tensioned immediately and tested without waiting for grout cure or grout equipment. By eliminating cure times and additional equipment cost associated with concrete mix grouted tendons, Cantsink helical anchors save significantsignficant project time and cost compared to grouting anchors.

Finally, Cantsink helical anchors are ICC-ES approved products, which means that they are tested and certified for performance to the highest industry standards. The ICC is an independent, member-focused association dedicated to developing model codes and standards.

Cantsink helical piles and anchors are manufactured in Metro Atlanta using the company’s patented design using 100 percent recycled U.S. steel. Cantsink’s manufacturing facility is a net-zero-energy operation using solar energy to power its operation. Cantsink helical piles and anchors are certified to provide the needed support for a wide variety of construction applications.

To learn more about helical piles, sign up for Cantsink’s free webinars and receive continuing education credits through NCSEA and AIA. Find out what effective, economical Cantsink helical piles and anchors can do to provide lasting stability in expansive soil.

From its commitment as an “early adopter” of solar for its net-zero-energy manufacturing facility in 2010, Cantsink has grown with the solar market.

Cantsink built a versatile line of stability products and services essential to successful utility-scale solar projects drawing on its own good experience with solar. These Cantsink offerings have evolved with the expanding solar market for the past decade. Solar developers and installers nationwide can employ Cantsink’s expertise with solar supplies and services for reliable construction groundwork.

The company offers support services such as pull testing, analysis, and engineering to assist with site preparation. Once specifications for the site are established, Cantsink can supply top quality beams and other products, ensuring long-term stability for all types of racking and panel design.

Cantsink is the stability expert, having focused exclusively on structural stability since its inception more than 30 years ago. The company has been on Solar Power World’s list of Top Solar Contractors since 2013, rising steadily through the rankings over the years.

Cantsink offers beams, testing, and engineered analysis of tests to be sure each project uses the correct size beam for long-term performance.

Cantsink has provided equipment and services to many satisfied clients in the solar industry. One project manager, Doug Merrill, who worked with Cantsink on a North Carolina project, praised Cantsink’s high-quality service and value.

“In all email exchanges, conference call interfaces, and face-to-face experience with Cantsink, [it] has been the best I have been a part of in my 30 years of field construction,” Merrill said. “Cantsink is fast, responsive, and 30 percent cheaper than any other solution we explored. A total win/win.”

With time-tested knowledge, experience, equipment, and crews, Cantsink proudly serves the utility-scale solar market. A decade of hands-on performance makes Cantsink products and services the reliable choice for successful solar project operation.

Cantsink’s quality testing and analysis can help to ensure the right beams are being used for the specific soils on each site.

Contact Cantsink today to learn more about the company’s products and services for utility-scale solar.


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